Insurance Cancellations Map: Novitas Solutions PAID to Build O-Care “Backend” Under No Bid Emergency $12M Contract

Obama’s history of picking losers grows longer. One Texas hospital has been unable to pay 150 employees for almost a month, while awaiting $3 Million in late Medicare reimbursements from Novitas Solutions. Texas says there are numerous similar complaints. The administration chose Novitas Solutions due to “urgent need.” Translation: ObamaCare has been a pantser operation from the beginning (as in Sebelius flying by the seat of her pantyhose). Novitas was hired to develop and build the infamous “backend system” that handles payments in exchange for a “no bid” $12 million contract. The day the ObamaCare website went live, a “backend system” didn’t exist, wasn’t developed or built.


The contract was awarded to the firm without competition as “an interim, transitory solution to meet the Agency’s immediate and urgent need” because development and testing of the financial management services system “is already minimally two months overdue.” The documents  accompanying the contract award notice state the reasons for the no-bid contract in rather dire terms [emphasis added] Source: Weekly Standard

Let’s say you are a project manager, department manager or CEO. Can you get away with this?

CMS justified the no-bid award because the “prospect of a delay in implementing the Marketplace by the operational date of January 1, 2014, even for a few days, would result in severe consequences, financial and other” and that the services required were “beyond what was initially anticipated and beyond CMS’ currently available resources.” Source: Now The End Begins [emphasis Maggie’s Notebook]

Novitas Solutions is a Pennsylvania company and a Blue Cross Blue Shield subsidiary.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is partnering closely with the White House on Obamacare implementation. As The Daily Caller reported, Obamacare is creating health insurance monopolies in a number of states that heavily favor Blue Cross Blue Shield.

At least five Blue Cross Blue Shield executives joined President Obama for a closed White House conference in April on Obamacare implementation, accounting for approximately half of the executives present.

I read the stories of a depressed Barack Obama, disgusted by his own bureaucrats, rendered close to exhaustion over the flawed O-Care rollout, and am not amused that anyone believes it. The screw-ups (as Obama has called them), the lost coverage, the soaring premiums, the requirement to pay for maternity benefits for men and seniors, the mayhem, the emergencies; listen-up, the man is not depressed. It is all planned. In my opinion, Obama’s schedule starts each day with rolling the dice before hitting the links; it’s his modus operandi — the only way to get to single payer. Ignore congressional Democrats calling for single payer [Medicaid] at your peril and the peril of your country. If you are a senior, paying for Medicare coverage each month, you need to read this and inform your friends.

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