I Have a Dream: A Lone Soul Stands at the SOTU, Asks Why Carter Ham Didn’t Know the CIA Annex Existed

Charles Woods, the father of murdered former Navy SEAL, Tyrone Woods, will be in the chambers for the State of the Union address as the guest of Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK). I have a dream. About half-way through the address, a lone soul stands, and as Obama’s gaze moves from the teleprompter to look at this thing that has never before happened, all eyes turn to the lone soul, who says in a steady and measured voice:

Jim Bridenstine

Jim Bridenstine


A Lone Soul Asks

A Lone Soul Asks

“Mr. President, why did the General in charge of Benghazi, General Carter Ham, not know that the CIA annex existed? And how did the Pentagon not know that the Special Mission, housing our Ambassador, existed? How can that be? What was the plan to protect these Americans?

Then the lone soul turns to Mr. Woods, who then also

Charles Woods

Charles Woods

stands and says nothing. He simply looks Obama directly in the eyes (of course, Obama doesn’t look back) and he waits. No answer is forthcoming, but armed guards are, but then…all constitutional-minded Americans in the Chambers (that might be as much as one-third) come to the lone soul and Mr. Woods’ defense. Out of respect for the father of a fallen SEAL, the guards stand down.

Tyrone Woods

Tyrone Woods

Think about it — the importance of that moment in the search for truth. Think about it — everyone in America will see it happen live, a least the one-hundred conservative bloggers who tune in.

Next morning, you go out to get your morning paper, and you read it and smile, and pump your fist, and pat your heart, and wrap the Wednesday front page headline in acid-free-preserving tissue. Depending on your paper, the headline might be as nasty as all get-out (‘Dastardly Republicans Dare Address the President of the United States‘ or something similar). You don’t care.

In twenty-years, maybe sooner, that headline will be worth big bucks. Museums will be knocking on your door – think of the NYT “Men Land On The Moon” and The Dallas Morning News “Kennedy Slain on Dallas Street.”

It would make history.

Enough dreaming, here’s some reality:

General Carter Ham was in Washington, D.C. the night of the attacks.

On the night of the attack, Ham was placed in charge of the C-110, a 40-man Special Ops force maintained for rapid response to emergencies. The force was trained for deployment for events like the Benghazi attack. Command was transferred from the military’s European command to Ham in the middle of the attack.

Ultimately, the C-110, which had reportedly been training in Croatia during the attack, was not deployed to respond in Benghazi. Instead it was ordered to return to its forward operating base in Italy. Source: WND

Page 28 of the 85-page Senate investigative report states:

According to U.S. AFRICOM, neither the command nor its Commander were aware of an annex in Benghazi, Libya.

“However, it is the Committee’s understanding that other DoD personnel were aware of the Benghazi Annex.”

Page 77 of the report further divulges that Gen. Carter Ham, then-commander of U.S. Africa Command, “was not even aware there was a CIA annex in Benghazi at the time of the attacks.”

Continued the Senate report: “We are puzzled as to how the military leadership expected to effectively respond and rescue Americans in the event of an emergency when it did not even know of the existence of one of the U.S. facilities.”Source: World Net Daily

Jim at Asylum Watch linked. Read his latest “Property Seizures Through ObamaCare? It’s an importan piece, things we need to know.

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