GOP Screwing the Base After Primaries? Brush Off Holiday Malaise, It’s Crunch Time For Amnesty

How important are the coming primaries leading into the 2014 elections? Important. Very important. Former New Hampshire Republican Senator John Sununu is warning that John-Boehner-Republicans will pass an immigration bill in 2014 that may or may not include “some sort of pathway” to citizenship.

Crime Pays For Illegal Aliens

Crime Pays For Illegal Aliens

I would like to think the senator’s mistaken, but all indications are that is exactly what the Republicans intend to do. My prediction is that they will wait until after the primaries. They will lie their collective butt off trying to convince us they oppose Amnesty and intend to secure the border once and for all.

Then as soon as they figure the base can no longer primary them and will be stuck with no alternative come November they’ll screw the base,  just as they always do. Source: Grumpy at Grumpy Opinions

Newsmax, January 4, 2014::

House leaders say they won’t take up the comprehensive Senate bill. Instead, they’re discussing options for piecemeal measures, talks that will continue at the Republicans’ annual retreat this month, a leadership aide said.

Sununu said he expects the House will pass a series of smaller measures that include provisions addressing border security, agricultural workers and high-tech visas.

Our job is to know which candidates and legislators up for re-election, stand firm on border security above all else, that a tight  approved plan is in place, and we have confidence that the plan will be protected, unchanged unless to add even higher levels of security. Add to that, felons are not allowed a path to anywhere except back to their home countries and restrict the numbers of relatives that can follow the current illegals to the U.S.

Our job is to pay attention, look at past positions on Amnesty, be reluctant to give support to flip-floppers and spot the insincere, query their honesty and their promises, and let them know they will be held accountable.

We must know our candidates. Primaries are important. Brush off the cobwebs of holiday malaise with the following reading list:

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Required Border Fence Not Required if Janet Napolitano Decides Not to Require It: Border Security Technology Not Required if She Doesn’t Want It (Note: Nothing about how border security is determined has changed from what you read in this article)

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