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Today al-Qaeda and/or it’s networks raised its black flag over the city of Fallujah, Iraq, formerly Abu Musab al-Zawqawi’s stronghold, in the infamous Sunni Triangle. U.S. and coalition forces fought the fiercest, or one of the fiercest and most costly battles of the Iraq war in Fallujah in 2004. The Sunni-dominated city, known for it’s historic brutality against Shias, claims the current, largely-Shia official government of the Islamic State of Iraq is “marginalizing” Sunnis. Hear the prayers emanating from jihadi Mosques everywhere. All praise to Allah Obama for his inability or unwillingness to reach a Status of Forces Agreement giving U.S. troops immunity, and keeping them in the country for a while, as his own Ambassador advised. The only thing the No-Stroke-Leader-of-the-Free-World can control is his Democrat Senate, maybe his kids..

The Second Battle For Fallujah

The Second Battle For Fallujah

Roughly a third of the 4,486 U.S. troops killed in Iraq died in Anbar trying to defeat al-Qaeda in Iraq, nearly 100 of them in the November 2004 battle for control of Fallujah [in Anbar Province], the site of America’s bloodiest confrontation since the Vietnam War. Read more at The Daley Gator

There were two main battles for control of Fallujah; Operation Vigilant Resolve in April 2004 and Operation Phantom Fury in November and December 2004.

There were 39,000 buildings and 400,000 rooms in Fallujah, and the grim task of the American Marines and soldiers was to root out and kill the jihadists block by block, house by house, room by room, advancing through streets booby-trapped with mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs)

The assignment to defeat the jihadists was given to two armored battalions and four infantry battalions of Marines and Army under the command of Maj. Gen. James Mattis, USMC. Read about the American Fallujah Warriors here. 

Jordanian-born Abu Musab al-Zarqawi left Afghanistan for Iraq in 2001. He set-up shop in Fallujah, a city that was home to Saddam’s Sunni Ba’ath Party and largely Saddam supporters. Zarqawi was Sunni. Saddam Hussein was Sunni. Fallujah is Sunni. Zarqawi was killed in a U.S. bombing raid on a “safe house” in Hibhib in June 2006.

[November 2004] Fallujah residents, most of them now displaced by the fighting, said hundreds of non-Iraqi Arabs had been in the city before the U.S. offensive began Monday [Nov 9, 2004]. But, they added, the ties of brotherhood had mostly unraveled and the remaining foreign fighters had tried to intimidate residents into staying as human shields….

Other residents said foreign militants wore out their welcome months ago, when they imposed a Taliban-like interpretation of Islamic law that included public floggings for residents accused of drinking alcohol or refusing to grow beards. Women who failed to cover their hair or remove their makeup were subjected to public humiliation. Those accused of spying for Americans were executed on the spot, residents said.

When they swept into Fallujah from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and North Africa, the Arab fighters told wary residents that God favors believers who give up their homes and travel to defend Islam. Source: The Long War Journal

Parts of both Fallujah and Ramadi have now fallen to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

After decades of Saddam’s brutal treatment of Shia’s, Fallujah residents today are angered at perceived injustices toward Sunnis, never mind that Sunnis are inordinately brutal to their own. It’s a Muslim thing.

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