EO to Raise Gov Contract Pay Almost 40%: Pentagon Strikes – Military Mess Hall Duty a Thing of The Past

Did you know that military mess hall duty is a thing of the past? I didn’t. I wonder if latrine duty is gone too — make a sloppy bed and clean toilets with a toothbrush? Remember that? Through the mighty power of Obama’s pen, the minimum wage for government contract workers will be raised from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour, almost a 40 percent increase and will apply to new contracts only. Doesn’t affect you, right? Sucker. Every cent will be passed on to taxpayers. Every penny of federal pay is paid by taxpayers and only half of us pay taxes.


survey by the National Employment Law Project of contractors who manufacture military uniforms, provide food and janitorial services, and truck goods found that 75 percent of them earn less than $10 per hour. One in five was dependent on Medicaid for health care, and 14 percent used food stamps.

Obama’s action will only slowly trickle out into workers’ paychecks, beginning in 2015 and at the start of new contracts… Source: Washington Post

Consider the military, just as one example. Where does the money come from? Maybe the budget for battlefield equipment for the troops, or less training for the troops?

One of the nation’s largest employers faces a work stoppage by employees seeking higher pay: The Pentagon.

Roughly 50 food court and janitorial workers at the U.S. Department Department went on strike Wednesday to demand a hike in their hourly wage. Strikes targeting federal facilities in Washington were also planned at Washington’s Union Station, Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum, the Old Post Office Building and the Ronald Reagan Building.

The protests, led by labor advocacy group Good Jobs Nation and backed by a coalition of union, social welfare and religious organizations — including the Teamsters, United Food and Commercial Workers, NAACP and Interfaith Worker Justice — seek to draw attention to what the groups say is unfairly low pay for employees of federal contractors that provide food and cleaning services. Source: CBS Money Watch

Now the pressure is on for Congress to raise the minimum wage for the private sector. Again, prices will soar for consumers. Remember, when you hear teenagers crying about the need to make a “living wage,” they are still living at home with Mom and Dad, many still in school and still eating at their parent’s table. They have iPhones and computers and can afford beer and drugs. Some are high school drops out and deserve nothing more than minimum wage. Have we forgotten there is such a thing as entry-level employment?

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  • colnzgprnts

    We can point out the economic inconsistencies of ‘minimum wage’ legislation, but it will always be popular with leftist politicians because it ‘buys votes’ and costs the politician nothing!

    • colnzgprnts, spot-on comment and while they yearn for it, the jobs disappear, particularly for younger workers.

  • Chris Mallory

    In 1989, the Air Force mess halls had contractors providing most of the labor.

    • Chris Mallory, I didn’t realize that. Hadn’t thought about until this came up today. Thanks for the information.