Eleanor Ross, Black Female Republican Judge Designated “Majority Qualified” Not “Minority Qualified” by ABA: Rep John Lewis Agrees

Barack Obama is making Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) crazy by audaciously naming Eleanor Ross, a black female Republican Judge to the federal bench in Georgia. Lewis’ disdain must be spot-on because the American Bar Association (ABA) ranks Judge Ross

Eleanor Ross

Eleanor Ross

as “Majority Qualified” but “Minority Not Qualified.” The ABA ranks Article III Judges, those serving under Article III of the U.S. Constitution by the opinions of a “Standing Committee.” If the committee’s decision is not unanimous, it adds a ranking by “subcommittees.” In this case, The American Bar Association adds the ranking of Judge Ross “Minority Not Qualified.” Her husband Brian Ross is a Democrat.

In Ross’ current position as a DeKalb County State Court judge, she replaced another black female judge, Democrat Barbara Mobley, who resigned after 16 judicial misconduct violations and agreed to never practice law in Georgia again. Mobley was an immigration lawyer and a former Georgia State Representative. Read more at the Atlanta Constitution Journal and more here.

Barbara Mobley

Barbara Mobley


Rep. John Lewis, whose name is usually preceded or followed by “civil rights icon” or “courageous civil rights activist” says most black female voters are Democrats, a logic that fails on many levels. Ross is obviously not a roll model that he or the Congressional Black Caucus will support. What can be more repugnant than an experienced black Republican female judge with no judicial misconduct on her resumé?

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