Doug Potter, White New Orleans Musician Comatose After Beating by Suspected Black Men

Long-time New Orleans musician Doug Potter, was assaulted after leaving a gig Monday night. He was walking toward his car, where his wife was waiting. Mr. Potter was not robbed, and may have been a victim of the deadly Knock-Out game. The man in the police drawing below is sought. He is believed to be about 5′ 7″ tall with a “stocky build and dreadlocks,” with the “W” and “a cross above it” tattoo between his eyes. Another man is also sought. See a video of three men, two of which are considered suspects.

Suspect Wanted in Brutal Beating of New Orleans Musician Doug Potter

Suspect Wanted in Brutal Beating of New Orleans Musician Doug Potter

Authorities ask anyone with information on the case to contact

8th District Detective Thomas Perez (504) 658-6080 or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

Veteran New Orleans musician Doug Potter remained hospitalized in a medically-induced coma Wednesday, following a savage beating in the French Quarter the day before. Police said they are looking for two men in connection with the attack.

Potter, 54, is a stand-up bass player best known for his work in the bands of Al Hirt andSteamboat WillieNew Orleans Police said he was attacked and beaten by two men shortly after midnight Monday as he was walking to meet his wife in their car following his Monday night gig at Cafe Beignet.

Doug Potter

Doug Potter (Photo not a part of story linked below

Potter was assaulted on the sidewalk outside the Last Call Bar and Grill at 800 Conti St., just off Bourbon Street. Bandleader Steamboat Willie said Potter had to have two holes drilled into his skull to relieve swelling and two blood clots removed from his brain.

“There’s no promise there’s going to be any good outcome here,” Willie said grimly. “This is a guy who doesn’t do drugs, who doesn’t drink, who’s never been in a fight and never hit anybody. There’s not a person who’s ever met Doug that doesn’t love him.” Source:

From the news I’ve read, the police may have the entire attack on video surveillance cameras.

Photo of Mr. Potter courtesy of Dinah Roger/TheTimes-Picayune

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If the first video below, showing suspects, does not play or disappears, view it here.

If the video below, a news report, does not play or disappears, view it here.

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  • Very well written, Maggie.
    Terrible with this ‘knock out’ and Obama’s sons.

  • This “Knockout” game is getting out of hand. So much hate. The authorities are going to have to do something,because this slap on the hand is not working. Too many innocent people are being targeted.

  • Xavier

    1) What will these thugs have to do to be charged with a hate crime?

    2) Why hasn’t the President made a statement on this assault?

    That’s rhetorical, everyone. I know both answers and so do you.

  • Findalis

    You know better Maggie. The knockout game is a myth. It is racist to say it exists. Obama and liberals say so.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    New Orleans is one of those cities that it is unsafe to walk around in after dark. People who live there forget this over time but seriously if you have been to New Orleans you know it is no place for white people to walk around in.

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