Daily Show Mocks The Five: Perino, Gutfeld Star — Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros Too Tough to Tackle?

When Jon Stewart devotes this much time to a non-prime-time program on Fox, you know without a doubt, the show is good and it’s in-the-face of the progressive agenda. Samantha Bee, who ‘performs’ the skit, wisely leaves out Kimberly Guilfoyle, although I stayed with it solely to see what they did with her. She is a co-host and a regular, and she’s tough. She and Bolling carry the show, in my opinion, with “rebellicious” Gutfeld deftly adding color. Maybe the threat of long-term, daily blowback from attorney Guilfoyle is too much for Bee, who also skipped Andrea Tantaros, perhaps for the same reasons. Bob Beckel gets the ‘best line,’ of course he does. It starts off slowly. Stay with it.

Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle

By the way, I didn’t think The Five would make it. I wanted Eric Bolling and Judge Andrew Napolitano to host in that time slot, and I still want ‘The Judge’ to have a good hour somewhere in the Fox lineup, but I love The Five. I wasn’t keen on Kimberly but it didn’t take long to see savvy wit nail serious discussions over and over — something that didn’t come through to me when she appeared in two-minute takes, if that, as an analyst on various shows. She soooooo deserves more than Geraldo where she started. She’s a hoot and smart to boot. H/T Breitbart

The Daily Show Mock of The Five with Samantha Bee (video)

Linked at Iowa Dawg’s Blawg – read about the 75% of Oklahoman’s who voted ban sam-sex marriage and the one man in a black robe who overturned the will of the people.

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  • Peg

    I was very surprised by this. I admit I don’t watch Jon Stewart’s show, but have often seen clips of it and always find him pretty funny, whether I agree with his politics or not. As I listened to this, I was very surprised he would give that much time to the clip, as I didn’t find anything funny or even mildly entertaining about it. I could only describe it as tedious. I can only assume The Five is having a huge impact on people’s thinking.

    I’m sure others will disagree with me, but that was my reaction to it for what it’s worth.

    • Hi Peg, yes The Five is huge and getting a great message out. Serious subjects with smart humor. I still want Napolitano to be on some show every day. We really need him.

  • Geo

    I have never watched Jon Liebowitz but I am often directed to some of his hilarious clips {not}. I have never found anything that Stewart or that idiot that either proceeds or follows him has said enjoyable. Anything I’ve ever seen of his is tedious and not very humorous at all. I’m sure they are the main sources for the current “Low Information” people out there today.

    After Glenn Beck, I didn’t think the Five or anything else that followed would have had much of a chance of succeeding. Beck drew unheard of ratings for that time slot. The Five came in and quickly filled the void.

    Kimberly had been a great addition to the show. She is someone who I couldn’t stand to listen too when she was on Court TV. Roger Ailes has a uncanny ability to bring talent to Fox that I couldn’t stand to listen too elsewhere. The only two choices I still disagree with him on is Geraldo and Howie Kurtz. Two absolute morons.

    • Geo, I agree with all you said. I didn’t see Kimberly on Court TV. First on Fox and I think it was Geraldo had a real time slot. I was shocked that she was put on The Five but it quickly became apparent. That woman can hold her own. I am a huge fan. I can’t believe Kurtz either. Even Chris Wallace was was suspect.

      • Racist

        Ummm Hellooo? What about Juan “I’m not biased”Williams, Alan’Cryptkeeper” Colmes, and Sausage-swallowing Shep Smith?

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