Cougar Sexual Intimidation: Alabama Fan Attacks Oklahoma Fan – Pounding Kicking from Probably Drunk Female

I’m taking the word of Deadspin that the woman in the video is a “Bama” fan at last night’s Sugar Bowl and that the young man in the white polo is an Oklahoma University fan. She looks like she’s totally drunk. Critical at about 34 secs-in. Me thinks the young Oklahoma fan was too polite to hit someone’s mommy.

Alabama Female Supporter Attacks Oklahoma University Fan at SuperBowl?

Alabama Female Supporter Attacks Oklahoma University Fan at SuperBowl?

Oklahoma’s REDSHIRT FRESHMAN quarterback, Trevor Knight, completed 32 passes for 348 yards. Alabama’s FIFTH YEAR SENIOR McCarron threw for 387 yards, completing 19 passes. For the first time in Sugar Bowl history, two opposing quarterbacks at a Sugar Bowl exceeded 300 yards. Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops is now the only coach in FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) history to win every major bowl (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta).

Here’s to Oklahoma State University (OSU) enjoying a feisty win over Missouri tonight.

Female Alabama University Fan Attacks Oklahoma Fan at Sugar Bowl? (video)

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  • don

    Go Mizzou

    • Don, 🙂 Thanks for coming by. Happy New Year.

  • Should be arrested for assault. Spend the night in jail, and while there she should have this video looped and played the whole time at her cell.

    • Woodsterman, she was interviewed later. She is from Alabama and is a “photographer.” The man who tried to hold her back is her husband. She said the OU fans were taunting her 16-year-old son, “to come on down here,” which indicates to me that he was also taunting. She said she was protecting her son LOL. He was sitting somewhere across the aisle. Whatever happened, the Dad didn’t think his son needed protecting from anyone but his wife.

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  • Xavier

    This is why you should always carry a stun gun and a telescoping baton.