Black Assistant Professor on Romney’s Black Grandchild: It Takes A Black Village to Do It Right

One of the most pretentious pieces written on the Romney family’s photo of Mitt holding his adopted black grandson, Kiernan, comes from the Huffington Post. Written by Wichita State black assistant-professor Darron T. Smith, who always capitalizes the word “Black” but never capitalizes the word “white” unless “white” begins a sentence, are these bald statements:

Darron T. Smith

Darron T. Smith

1) White parents, like the Romneys, must learn that Black children have the best chance at emotional and mental well-being when they are inoculated against anti-Black stereotypes and insults to Black identity and character.

Smith is talking about parents “like the Romneys,” but do we really think he not accusing Ben and Andelynne Romney of the inability to raise a mentally stable child? Read on.

2) It takes a village, and that requires the assistance of the Black community that understandably remains weary of the intentions of white people.

Yes, “understandably.” Think about this: if every family, no matter the ethnicity, took care of their own relatives — everyone pitching in to bring stability to “family,” there would be no need for “weary” intentions, and really, how arrogant to infer the many caring whites who bring opportunity and grace into the lives of adopted children regardless of race, are anything less than admirable.

Siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins — black families seem to be in the minority when it comes to looking out for each other with their hearts and minds, not just switchblades, revolvers and mind-numbing drugs. It takes a sound mind to raise a sound child.

3) Though it is a blessing for every child to have a loving and supportive home, white parents that espouse “love is enough” are, in fact, doing Black adoptees a huge disservice, potentially exposing their children to a high degree of racial identity confusion and a poor ability to effectively cope with race-based mistreatment.

Surely the successful Assistant Professor Smith has an adopted child or children he is actively guarding against the evils of white influence, “racial identity confusion” and poor coping skills, but I can’t confirm it.

4) With an onslaught of racial micro-aggressions such as jeers, looks and  slights they will surely encounter, Black children must be prepared to process and counter-frame these hurtful experiences. In predominately white communities where transracial adoptees are typically reared, children are more likely to be exposed to these discriminatory behaviors.

“Discriminatory behaviors?” How scary is it for a black person/child to walk through a white neighborhood compared to a white person/child walking through a black neighborhood? All across America we have mixed-race neighborhoods that get along just fine. Discrimination and bias works both ways, and don’t try to start a conversation about hangings, Emmett Till and the Tulsa Race Riots. It’s over and done and you know it.

5) Kieran Romney, the Black adopted grandchild of Mitt Romney, does not have the freedom to remain unconscious to the denial of privileges based upon race.

If not for the Social Justice agenda, Assistant Professor and author Darron T. Smith might not have much of a career other than physical education and/or the Rainbow Coalition.

6) [Ben and Andelynne Romney must]…learn to “unhook[ing] from whiteness.”… This includes initiating the difficult yet unreserved conversations on how to raise their child with a healthy racial self-concept.

And black families have a realistic view of raising a child with “a healthy racial self-concept?” Look, I know there are many, many black families raising children responsibly, so don’t rag on me about my prejudices. I’m responding to this one article, undoubtedly thought to be brilliant by some. Read the entire article on whites and Blacks here.

According to Professor Smith’s resume, he is currently an Assistant Professor at the College of Health Profession, Department of Physician Assistant, Wichita State University, Department of Public Health Sciences, Wichita State University and he has “expertise” in “whiteness studies, race and discrimination, campus climate issues for students of color, health care inequality and sociology of race and medicine.” He also teaches Zumba and Hip-Hop classes for fitness and…he is a Mormon.

If you missed the above, you probably missed this as well:

Mitt and Ann Romney with Grandchildren

Mitt and Ann Romney with Grandchildren

I’m afraid everyone missed the point surrounding the Ms.NBC-Melissa Harris-Perry controversy over this absolutely charming picture of the Romney family patriarch and matriarch taken with their 21 grandchildren. The criticism has centered around the show’s host and guests mocking of little Kieran Romney, the adopted black grandson of Mitt Romney.

Butt it’s worse than that. Look closely at [the above] picture:

Kieran is the little black baby on Mitt’s lap in…pink. As Ms.NBC’s Managing Editor of Outrage pointed out, all the other little grandsons are wearing…blue, while all the granddaughters are wearing…pink. “One of these things is not like the others” indeed!  And what could be more racist than to dress the one grandchild of color differently than the others? Ok, maybe a bone in the nose and Kente cloth, butt racists are never that obvious. Unless, of course, they’re trying to tell us that little Kieran is…gay! In which case they’re still racist, butt that makes little Kieran a “token twofer!” Source: Michelle Obama’s Mirror – read more here and note Melissa Perry-Harris’s self-loathing – she’s black damnit, and don’t you forget it.

If the video disappears or does not play, view it here.



  • Not buying it.This assistant professor at Wichita State assumes that anyone with dark skin needs to have a certain PC approved standard in thinking about their own race. In other words, when they think of themselves, the first thought that comes to mind must be “black person”. But what is wrong, if an individual comes to think of himself first as a “person”, and all of those other things (skin color, hair color, eye color, height, weight, etc.) as secondary to who he is, in other words, a “colorblind person”?

    When I was growing up, I never thought of myself as a “white person”. I didn’t think about race at all. What’s the harm in a person growing up neutral to one’s own race and the race of those around you? To be judged on the content of one’s character rather than the color of one’s skin?

    • proof, correction “Black” person, with a capital B. You are only white. You ask what is wrong about thinking of himself first as a person. There’s simply no money in it for blacks. He makes his living stirring up the choir. In his article he derided white “colorblindness.”

      • That’s right. The whole poverty pimp industry falls apart if people think of themselves as individuals (thinking for themselves and responsible for themselves) and not as part of some aggrieved or victimized group.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    So he advocates discrimination, racism and apartheid. His words and actions are one of a black supremist. And his views are considered correct by a majority of blacks. And we wonder why race is a problem in the U.S.