Belle of the Gall Marcella Sills, Principal with BMW at PS106: $2.9M for Rats but No Teachers, No Books

Marcella Sills is the principal at Queens Rockaway’s PS 106, a Title 1 School, 98% of the children are eligible for the free lunch program. The Free Lunch does not include learning. The New York Post has been busy skewering Sills. Parents say the school is rat-infested and children watch movies a good part of the day, quote “The kids have seen more movies than Siskel and Egert.” Substitutes are not called when a teacher doesn’t show. The school has not received Common Core math or reading books, and apparently have decided not to use whatever textbooks they’ve had in past years. Sills seldom occupies her school office, but she throws a heck of a party for the kids who can afford to rent the required clothing for a “wedding themed” event — bored children, learning nothing while risking rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, and maybe the bubonic plague.

"Belle of the Gall" New York Post (Sills in white in the middle in the strapless gown.

“Belle of the Gall” New York Post (Sills in white in the middle in the strapless gown.

But here are the underprivileged pupils of Far Rockaway’s PS 106 — dressed to the nines in tuxes and gowns for an elaborate, wedding-themed bash they must pay to attend at the insistence of their do-nothing principal.

Hardworking parents of kids at the notorious Queens “School of No” — many of whom live below the poverty line — are compelled to pay $150 to rent tuxes at Men’s Wearhouse and buy gowns at David’s Bridal, plus kick in $110 for the prom-like charade.

Video from last June’s function shows Principal Marcella Sills, on a dais, in a shoulderless white dress that could pass for a wedding gown, smiling as she surveys the boys and girls parading across a ballroom floor.

“She acted like it was more about her,” said one dad, Robert Oyola. “I thought it was crazy, but I didn’t want my son to miss out.” Source: New York Post

Here’s a day at PS 106:

PS 106

PS 106

And the principal — Marcella Sills, who joined PS 106 nine years ago — is a frequent no-show, sources say.

Sills did not come to school last Monday. On Tuesday, she showed up at 3:30 p.m.

On Wednesday, The Post found her at home in Westbury, LI, all day before emerging at 2:50 p.m. — school dismissal time. Wearing a fur coat, she took her BMW for a spin.

She showed up at school Thursday, but not Friday.

When Sills, 48, does go to work, it’s rarely before 11 a.m. — and often hours later, say sources familiar with her schedule.

“She strolls in whenever she wants,” one said.

The school hasn’t had a payroll secretary in years. Source: I’m a 41

Special Ed children show up to a classroom with no teacher. Forty kindergartners sit in a trailer that reeks of “animal urine.”

“This school is a complete s- -thole, but nobody in a position of power comes to investigate. No one cares,” a community member said…

PS 106 is allocated $2.9 million to serve a low-income population with 98 percent of its students eligible for free lunches. As a Title 1 school, it gets extra federal funds, but community members say they’ve never seen a budget tracking the income and spending. Read more at New York Post

Quote of the Day from I Own The World: Principal raping the school system like it’s an EBT card with a glitch in it.

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