Asaf Mohammed Found Inside New Jersey Water Facility Pipe, Naked

The United Water facility in Manapalan, New Jersey found Asaf Mohammed (26 and naked) inside a 24″ water pipe. He was crying for help. He lost his way and fell into the pipe? Just an isolated incident? Maybe a student doing ‘research?’ He has been charged with fourth degree-criminal trespassing. Is that three degrees of separation from a real crime?

Asaf Mohammad

Asaf Mohammad

A defendant commits a disorderly persons offense when he or she enters in any “structure” – as opposed to a dwelling – knowing that he or she is not privileged to do so, unless the structure is a dwelling because then it is a fourth degree crime.

New Jersey criminal trespass is a crime of the fourth degree if it is committed in a school or on school property, a dwelling or a research facility.Source: New Jersey Legal Guide

This water facility supplies drinking water to 40,000 persons, that’s FORTY THOUSAND persons.

…the facility supplies drinking water to about 40,000 customers. The plant is surrounded by barbed wire fencing [6′ high] and workers are still trying to determine how the man was able to gain access to the facility without detection – and why he was there in the first place. Mr. Mohammed has been charged with fourth-degree criminal trespassing. Source: IowaDawgsBlawg

Remember the seven from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, caught earlier this year…at midnight…in the Boston area’s Quabbin Reservoir? Two of them were chemical engineers. They received court dates (actual date unannounced), and then…the court clerk issued “a continuance without a finding and declined to issue criminal complaints.” What the heck does that mean? Massachusetts police are appealing the decision as the case is considered a criminal case.  We’ve not seen their photos. They’re hanging out in the U.S. somewhere.

Why were they there? The seven “cited their education and career interests.” A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has been requested with no information coming forward, that I can find.

Who are these “professionals.” How long have they been here? Are they naturalized citizens, do they have green cards? Where do they work and for whom do they work? How do they support themselves? Do they have a criminal background existing anywhere in the world?

Why would the people of Boston, or any city, not be alarmed that their water supply was under surveillance by Arabs, and more alarmed that the courts and/or police are unwilling to share information that should certainly be public? Source: My previous post.

Asaf Mohammed was heard crying for help at about 7 a.m. and was not extracted until 11 a.m., so obviously, he was in the pipe before the sun came up.

He climbed a 6′ fence with barbed wire. No one made him do it. He did it for some reason. Taxpayers paid for Mohammed to be flown by medical helicopter to a hospital.

If ever there were extraordinary circumstances, it is when Muslims/Arabs are found at odd hours on the grounds of a water supply, anywhere in the U.S. To say that trespassing is the only crime is ridiculous. What about intent? Are we just going to ignore ‘intent,’ as the Clinton administration did before 9/11/01?

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