Arrest in Doug Potter Beating: Reeshawn Arnold in Custody, searching for Terrell Belvin

To be clear, both Arnold and Belvin are “suspects” in the beating of Doug Potter. Arnold was already in custody on unrelated charges (details below), but a tipster tied Arnold to Potter through an Instagram showing Arnold wearing the same clothing as was seen in the surveillance video at the time of the attack. Mr. Potter was jumped as he left Cafe Beignet. He was not robbed, so it will be interesting to see if any black person will ever be charged with a hate crime. Mr. Potter’s wife was waiting for him in the car. Reeshawn Arnold was rebooked for second-degree battery,” according to the New Orleans Police Department. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Terrell Belvin,30, the man shown yesterday in a police drawing, with a “W” and a cross above it, tattooed between his eyes.  The arrest was made via tips from Crimestoppers and an “anonymous source.” Arnold seems to be a cocky dude, smiling, laughing the court room, relaxed and rude. He’s also a stupid-ass-loser. No high school, no job, but he has a one-week old daughter. His legal counsel is pleading “severe financial hardship.” An “resolved case of domestic battery” is also on his record. God bless that baby girl.

(l) Terrell Belvin Sought, (R) Reeshawn Arnold in Custody

(l) Terrell Belvin Sought, (R) Reeshawn Arnold in Custody

Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111

Mr. Potter is a beloved and long-time musician in New Orleans. He is in critical condition in a medically-induced coma after brain surgery.

Potter, a jazz bassist, remained in critical condition and in a medically induced coma Wednesday night at LSU Interim Public Hospital, but was able to squeeze his wife’s hand, according to longtime friend and bandmate Steamboat Willie.

Steamboat Willie said his friend of more than 20 years already has had two holes drilled into his skull to relieve brain swelling and pressure, and had two blood clots removed from his brain by surgeons.

Arnold is on probation for possession of a stolen firearm. During the arrest he provided “false identification to a police officer.”

Just two hours earlier, detectives working the Potter case had received a tip from someone who had seen the video surveillance footage of Potter’s attackers leaving the scene, which police disseminated to the media Tuesday morning. That tipster alerted police to a picture on Arnold’s Instagram account that showed him wearing the same baseball cap, jacket, pants and shoes as the suspect in the video clip.

A records check revealed that Arnold already was being held at the Orleans Parish Prison on the false ID parole violation. That made his booking for the Potter attack especially convenient for authorities: His booking photo on the parole violation even showed him wearing the same jacket seen on one of the Potter attackers, captured on video. Source: The Times-Picayune – much more here

If you know where terrell Belvin can be found, please call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111. 

Linked at BadBluenews to know, and uncensored 24/7, read it here.

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  • Xavier

    In the video linked below, Jared Taylor calmly and rationally discusses the usually explosive subject of racial intelligence. He makes a compelling case that our insistence that all races are equal has led to the “hate whitey” syndrome, and it doesn’t take too much extrapolation by the viewer see this is the origin of the knockout game. This is *not* white supremacist propaganda. It is a blunt, honest, and well-referenced analysis of the mistakes being made worldwide in the guise of multicultural equality.

    This is a video that will have liberals seething and I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken down by now. Watch it while you can.