Sunday Worship Music: Kathy Mattea, Mary Did You Know – The Facts About Christmas

In this video Kathy Mattea says this song, Mary Did You Know, is her favorite song. It is my favorite as well and before this Christmas season ends you will see other versions here. This isn’t a song that you hum along with and ignore the lyrics. They linger, they settle-in. Did she know her Son would soon “deliver” her? I listen to it through-out the year, by several artists. Each time I listen is like the first.


Carl (my favorite Christian blogger – but then you know that, right?) and his wife Peggy sent the link to Mattea’s Mary Did You Know, which I had not heard before. This week I’m going back to one of Carl’s older posts, The True Facts of Christmas:

Seven hundred years before the first Christmas, the Prophet Isaiah stated that a “virgin” would give birth to a Son conceived by God, not man. Later the Prophet Micah said this Son would be born in Bethlehem. (Two different prophets … same Son.)

Last night I listened as an atheist responsible for putting up the billboards in Times Square encouraging us to take “Christ” out of Christmas – just enjoy what we enjoy doing, we “don’t need Christ,” he said, and thought how much wiser it would be to ignore these people. He paid for a few billboards and got spots on prime time, several of them. Let atheists waste their money. Ignore them. Some things are not tolerable. Don’t ignore them.

In that conversation, the date of December 25th came up. Carl talks about it in his column, The True Facts of Christmas, along with the “star in the East.” Read it here.

Linked at Jackie Wellfonder’s Raging Against the Rhetoric with more beautiful music to life your Christmas spirit.

Mary Did You Know, Kathy Mattea (video)
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  • The first time that I heard this song, I was overtaken with emotion.

    How blest Mary was! And how difficult her life in many respects!

    Merry Christmas to all who stop by this web site. In all the bustle of the season, we who are Believers must strive to remember and reflect prayerfully upon the Meaning of the Season.

    • Hi AOW, I don’t know of any other song with the level of truths as Mary Did You Know. Songs of praise are different. Another thing I love about this song is that almost no one has a different version. Different voices, different tones but same enlightenment always. I really do listen to it all-year-round.

      Wishing you and the Mr. a wonderful Christmas that is soft and sweet in remembrance and gratitude to the Babe.

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