Sunday Worship Music: He Is Wonderful by Kathryn Scott

I’ve noticed an interesting trend as I searched through Christmas music videos on YouTube this week. Almost everything began with an ad, and while I prefer not to have an ad on worship and praise videos, I understand that others put their time and expertise into making these productions, using talents I do not have, and they are free for my use. It’s not the fact that ads were present, but what the ads were advertising. Over and over as I watched, the ads were from the Khan Academy. After some research, I find that the Khan Academy is founded by Salman Khan, an Indian actor,”model and philanthropist” who practices both Islam and Hinduism. So he is half infidel. Allah wouldn’t approve. If you reload the video page the ad changes at times, but the Khan Academy came up over and over on numerous times. In the event it shows for you and attempts to draw you into being educated at the Khan Academy, which might (not confirmed) proselytize for Islam and Hindu, you have been warned.

To start the Christmas season, for which Jesus is the reason, I found this beautiful song, He Is Wonderful written by Steve and Vikki Cook and performed by Kathryn Scott. I hope you enjoy it.



All the angels stood trembling at this wonder
As the Son entered Adam’s world
He the infinite now an Infant laying
In the arms of one He made
Who imagined on this dark night
That the Light of light had come

He is Wonderful
Almighty One
Salvation’s Prince of Peace
He is Wonderful
Our God with us the joy of heaven
He is Jesus

One day He’ll reveal the mystery of God’s wisdom
In His plan to save the lost
He the Lamb of God will change the course of history
When He conquers sins and death
But who imagined on this dark night
That the Lord of lords had come

He is Wonderful
Almighty One
Salvation’s Prince of Peace
He is Wonderful
Our God with us the joy of heaven
He is
Wonderful He is Jesus
He is Wonderful
He is Wonderful

CCLI Song No. 5521809
© 2009 Integrity Worship Music (Admin. by Integrity Music, Inc.)
Steve Cook | Vikki Cook

Christian Cross

My favorite Christian blogger Carl Middleton, who is so faithful with his work every week, no matter what is going on in his life (unlike your host here at Maggie’s Notebook) has posted on “Knowing God’s Nature and Will.” Here’s a snippet:

Did you know that God keeps secrets?  You do know that God doesn’t tell you everything, right?

Deuteronomy 29:29 … “The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

When we look at this text we see a distinction is made between the secret things and the revealed things; or one could speak of it as … the hidden will and the revealed will of God for us.

God has not revealed everything that could possibly be known about Himself or all His intentions concerning the world.  So those unrevealed hidden things … those things that He has purposely chosen not to reveal to us, the secret things refer to what has been called … the hidden will of God.”

This evening Pastor Rick Warren (no discussion pro or con on him please) was on Fox with Mike Huckabee. Two things caught my attention: 1) Huckabee finally denounced Common Core and 2) Warren was talking about the suicide death of Matthew, his 27-year-old son, the heartbreak and sadness and how there is no way to understand these things, but he would rather not understand and have the comfort of knowing he is walking with the Almighty than walking alone, still with no understanding. That’s my paraphrase and an in-artful one at that. My apologies.

How often do you think about God’s “will” for your life? There are so many things we do not know, do not understand and — often understand but forget at exactly the wrong times. Read Carl’s detailed thoughts about Knowing God’s Nature and Will and be blessed.

He is Wonderful (video)
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