Ronnie Smith: Dying to Teach Rich Kids in Libya – America Needs Good Male Chemistry Teachers

Ronnie Smith was murdered in Benghazi yesterday. He taught chemistry to children he described as “rich kids.” He reportedly described himself as “Libya’s best friend.” In America, we are free to go and work where we wish if another country allows us to do so. No doubt, although I cannot confirm it, the parents of ‘rich kids’ in Benghazi might pay extremely well for an American male Chemistry teacher. God knows we have few of them in our own country.

Ronnie Smith with his wife and child

Ronnie Smith with his wife and child

Smith graduated from the University of Texas , Austin, with a masters degree in chemistry in 2006. The university said in a statement that its community was “shocked and saddened” by Smith’s death. It added: “He was an enthusiastic and outgoing student. His death is a tragedy for the campus and our nation.”

A wave of attacks against western targets has left Benghazi almost empty of foreigners. Both the American and British embassies have advised against all travel to Benghazi for their citizens. The US embassy website posted a warning on 16 November telling its citizens to exercise “extreme caution” after the upsurge of violence. Source: The Guardian

Smith held a master’s degree in Chemistry? How many of those do we have in American schools? No many. They can’t stomach the liberal wretches they have to share the Teacher’s Lounge with.

It is unclear whether he tutored and/or taught or just tutored. he send his wife and baby back to the states and stayed behind to “help his students pass their finals.”

Daphne Bamburg, Executive Pastor of Operations at the Austin Stone Community Church, told the press that Ronald was truly motivated to remain on mission a little longer out of his deep love for Jesus and the Libyan children. Source: Liberty News

We have a lot of students in the U.S. needing to see a teacher’s “deep love for Jesus.”

My heart goes out to this young man’s wife and child and his parents. Being murdered is one thing, but it’s different being murdered in an Islamic country by terrorists who have said they’re coming after you.

The good news is Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney says the administration will leave it up to Libya to investigate. Just as Libya told us within hours how and why and who killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, and Obama did all but call them liars, maybe Mr. Smith’s family will learn the truth.


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  • A liberal fool goes to Benghazi and gets himself killed. It is too bad that he didn’t have the gumption to go into any inner city school and teach instead. After all, Libyan children are more deserving than American Blacks and Hispanics. True liberal hypocrisy.