Playing Wiffle Ball, Wiffing Full Video: Chris Mathews Obama Interview – Hard Assertion that Republicans Steal Elections

Chris Matthews’ whole body was aquiver as The One sat across a small table from him, in front of an adoring audience from American University. Wiffle Ball was played last night and Matthews “wiffed” often – didn’t come close to hitting a ball. Very early-on in the interview, Obama told the students that insurance under ObamaCare will cost them less than their cell phone bill – under “100 bucks.” Obama also told students that the NSA is not spying on Americans, but oh gosh, we are tough on those outside our borders.


Other highlights from the interview include the president telling those in the audience that he needed them to help overcome a “faction of the Republican party that sees compromise as a dirty word.” That means no more dwelling over Congressional gridlock, the NSA leaks, the obvious health care issues and voting Democrat come time for the midterm elections in November.

“Young people in particular have a tendency to vote during presidential years and then just are not excited at all during midterms,” he said. “These midterm elections in many ways are more important, because that’s what’s going to determine who’s in charge of Congress. And you may agree with me or disagree with me, but don’t think that it all ends with me.”

“When you look at our history, there have been a lot of times where Congress gets stuck,” Obama added, “but we get through it. And the reason we get through it is ultimately the American people have pretty good instincts.” Source: InTheCapital

Obama places all blame on Republicans, and says “let’s go ahead and have big arguments on the things we disagree with,” while we routinely see headline warnings from him: ‘if you do this or this, I will veto it. A really “big argument” is repeal of ObamaCare. He has said he will veto repeal even if his Democrat cohorts wanted it. Reid has nuked the filibuster, making discussion on things “we disagree with” a thing of the past.

Matthews gives Obama the opportunity to speak about about Republicans stealing the vote every election day.

This is a shameful interview, not a single hardball question. Whiffle balls whizzing. The most uncomfortable for Obama, had he believed he actually had to answer anything, would have been why there was not a “CEO” with “strong top-down authority…led by you.” If you watched this interview for any reason other than wanting to write about heresy, let me know – and by the way, enjoy that under “100 bucks” health insurance.

Chris Matthews with Obama December 5, 2013 (video)

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