Pepe’s Grocery, Dallas: Shoots 1 of 4 Robbers – Police Don’t Arrive for 74 Minutes

The store owner (or maybe the manager) of Pepe’s Grocery and Deli in West Dallas chased off 4 armed robbers, firing two shots and hitting one man twice. He immediately called 911 and asked for assistance, which he did not get for 74 minutes. The 911 operator said she did not understand that gunshots were fired, so police pushed the incident aside for a while. The man waited for 20 minutes and finally closed-up and went home. According to the video below, he received a phone call from police “many hours later” asking him to return to the store, which he did. The robber who was shot twice was found a few blocks away. I can’t imagine waiting around for very long after something like this. I would want to lock-it-up and head for safety, just as he did. Here’s the video. More at Dallas News


Pepe’s Grocery: Chases off 5 armed robbers. Police show up 74 minutes later (video)
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