NYT Tries to Clean up Benghazi for Hillary: “What Difference Does it Make Now?” Hillary’s Presidency

A New York Times article titled A Deadly Mix in Benghazi, written by David D. Kirkpatrick, sets aside the testified facts about the murders of our U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans (who are more than “others”) in favor of their “months” long investigation of followers of Islam in Libya. The NYT ups-the-ante and dusts-up the head winds for the 2014 and 2016 elections. Hillary Clinton needs a severe scrubbing to make the ticket and Democrats know it. The use of lye – to leach the truth from the public conscious, is not invisible, and we know it. According to the investigation, Libyans interviewed claim the infamous, little-seen video filmed in English, The Innocence of Muslims, sparked the attack. Not only did the NYT print the claim, but they lend it some credence. They ignore, as did Democrats, the information gleaned by those on the ground the night of the murders. UPDATE: Kirkpatrick also claimed the Innocence of Muslims was to blame on the day of September 11, 2012. All together now. Can we say: protecting his own journalist integrity?

Hillary Clinton Testifying to House Republican Conference

Hillary Clinton Testifying to House Republican Conference

The day Americans died in Benghazi was the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Hillary Clinton had actively refused/ignored numerous requests for beefed up and much needed security from Ambassador Stevens and American security on the ground.

From my previous post:

Based in Tripoli, but moving around the country is the Department of Defense Site Security Team (SST) with Col. Woods at the helm – a 16 member team. The Team consisted of Special Operations Soldiers with extra skills to protect the dangerous area. The caliber of the individuals on the team were the “best in the United States,” but they are slated to leave Libya by the end of summer 2012…

Wood and Eric Nordstrom, the Regional Security Officer, “implored” the State Department to keep Wood and the SST force in Libya beyond the scheduled August departure. Wood says he and Nordstrom DID NOT request ADDITIONAL security, but rather to keep the existing force in place.

Wood says his Team was only a small part of what the numbers planned to be withdrawn. The State Department’s Mobil Security Detachment (MSD), consisting of Ex-Green Berets, Ex-Navy SEALs were there when Wood arrived in Libya – three MSD teams already on the ground.

August 5, 2012: The State Department makes the decision to withdraw Wood’s SST. The MSD is being reduced. According to Wood, the State Department’s Charlene Lamb denied or ignored his requests to keep his SST in Libya. The withdrawal didn’t have anything to do with funding, according to Wood because his mission was funded by the Department of Defense. That claim was confirmed by Charlene Wood in a House Committee hearing.

The Wall Street Journal reported that sending in air support for the Benghazi attacks would have violated Libya’s sovereignty.

…what happened in Benghazi was not a failure of intelligence. It was a failure of policy, stemming from a flawed worldview and the political needs of an election season.

Gregory Hicks was the “Deputy Chief of Mission,” and on duty, on the ground in our Tripoli Embassy on 9/11/12. Hicks said it took 4 hours after the beginning of the attack for Hillary Clinton to call him for a briefing. In the RealClearPolitics article linked below, Hicks said he was in contact with Washington, D.C. every 15-20 minutes.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You were also worried about the overall security situation and the amount of protection both the Embassy and the Consulate had.


STEPHANOPOULOS: And the Ambassador had been concerned about that?

HICKS: He had been concerned. He had sent in a cable in July requesting that our security personnel situation not change.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You had a special security team in place.

HICKS: Right.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Then it was reassigned.

HICKS: Exactly.

STEPHANOPOULOS: On the night of the attack, there were five diplomatic security agents with Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith. There are at least 20 hostile attackers in the compound.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Months earlier the State Department had forged an agreement that in the event of an attack on the vulnerable Benghazi Mission, Security personnel would response from a nearby facility called The Annex, run by the CIA.

I know that you can’t say so, but we know it was a CIA facility, and we know that the CIA facility was getting protection and more security than the diplomatic facility.

HICKS: The numbers are clear about twice as many in terms of trained security providers.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What did you tell Washington?

HICKS: I called Washington right after I talked to the Annex Chief and I told them that the consulate was under attack. That the–

STEPHANOPOULOS: You used the word attack?

HICKS: I did use the word attack. That there were at least 20 armed intruders in the compound and that help was on the way from the Annex.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Had you heard anything earlier in the day about any kind of protest or were you worried at all because of these reports of this video?

HICKS: No it was a non-event, the video, in Libya. And we had heard nothing about protests. The building had been set on fire by the attackers and our Diplomatic Security Agents there were heavily outnumbered. Source: RealClearPolitics (see the video here).

In the discussion of security and how we may have saved lives the night of the attacks, we CAN quote Hillary Clinton: “what difference does it make now” where we place blame. It makes a difference, and it may make the difference. She denied and quashed increased security and moved security teams, paid for by Defense, not State, out of the country. Americans died and Hillary lied. There is one bottom line: four Americans are dead with no justice received and none on the horizon, and she and the White House did nothing to protect us from terror — nothing.

A reminder:

On September 20th, 2012, there was a report that security for our Benghazi Mission was also hired by the British. The agreement is that hired security will be from among 8 firms on a previously approved list, but Hillary chose the company, and she chose Blue Mountain, a UK firm, NOT on the list of the 8 approved. Breitbart reported that Clinton chose Blue Mountain because they agreed to a “no bullets” policy.

If true, bullets, no bullets, the point is, Hillary did not use the “approved list” for diplomatic security. Just five days after the attacks the Libyan Parliament President, Mohamed Magariaf said he did not believe the American video was “responsible for the attacks.”  He also said he believed there were “foreigners” in war-torn Libya involved.  At the time of that quote from Magariaf, the mainstream media worked to suppress it.

Hillary Clinton refused increased security at a critical time, in fact she diminished critical security.

It was reported that the White House and the State Department had warnings of the events-to-come 48 hours in advance.

In a must see Fox News expose of the nightmare in Benghazi, the deceivers were clearly brought into the disinfectant of the bright sunshine so shrouded to date. Bret Baier, Greg Palkot, and James Rosen detailed the facts, exposing just how disingenuous the evolving narrative and conspiracy was perpetrated on the American people.

The Deadly Mix suggests other causes: anger at drone attacks, anger at America in general, because we are always the object of Islamic anger and there are admissions that some involved benefited from our air support to aid the ousting of Muammar Qaddafi (which had not yet happened), and undoubtedly American weapons and cash. Left unsaid is that America is largely populated by infidels. Left unsaid is that Islam is invested in killing infidels, and names such as al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia are not really important.


The State Department and the White House are to blame, and shame on the NYT for their willingness to resort to the word of base individuals with every reason to place blame on the United States. This is about Hillary’s win in 2016 and increased Democrat seats in Congress in 2014. Now the dangerous games begin.

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  • Exactly my sentiments!

    • Faultline, thanks for coming by and Happy New Year to you and yours! If we get things “fixed” in the Senate, you and I may finally have to meet somewhere around the Red River to celebrate:-)

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  • The NY Times has to clean up Hillary’s act. She is the anointed next leader by them. But Benghazi will hang like an Albatross around her neck.

    • bobmontgomery

      It will hang there if someone places it there, and everytime the NYT or one of the networks takes it off, someone puts it back. Jeb Bush recently hung the Liberty Medal around her neck. A smiling, gladhanding time was had by all. For good old Hillary, who killed the Benghazi Four. A murderess. A traitor. A liar. Someone whose crowning achievement in political life was when, as Secretary of State (still choke when I say that) she got Lady Gaga a concert gig in Rome.

    • findalis, I hope the Albatross stays long enough to rot there, but I don’t have much faith in American voters – especially those who didn’t vote last time.

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  • The push is on — to promote Hillary’s run for the Oval Office.

    The mainstream media have decided to obfuscate anything and everything detrimental to her campaign.

    We live in an Orwellian World.

    • AOW, first thank you for your Christmas wishes. I’m sorry I didn’t get by to deliver the same to you – or anyone. Seems I’m not as good at multi-tasking as I used to be. Yes, we do live in an Orwellian World. Case in point but off topic: I heard two anchors on Fox say that Phil Robertson’s comment was so “coarse,” they could not repeat it on air. Said it twice so I thought okay, maybe my opinion about this should change. It took through Christmas before I was able to read the interview. The two words used are heard all the time, and he in no way connected those words to scripture which was quoted long after he made the statement.

      Anyway, I listened to two conservative anchors and considered changing my mind without my own research. I asked one of the younger visitors during the holidays about it (before reading) and she said the same. The comment was the worst.

      It wasn’t the worst. He used words of proper anatomy and didn’t embellish other than to say he thought a man would prefer one part of female anatomy over one part of male anatomy.

      I didn’t have time to read the interview until the night it was announced that Robertson was re-instated. Honestly, when I started doubting without researching, it was a wake-up call for me.

      Pardon my rambling.

  • That is one EVIL woman!

    • Woodsterman, also to you, my apologies for not sending Christmas wishes for you and yours, or anyone! Yes she is evil. We now have a Democrat mould that if we are not diligent, we will NEVER be able to break.

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