New Hampshire Rep Ann Kuster Knows Nada About Benghazi – She Wants to Talk About the Middle East!

Rep. Ann Kuster (NH-2nd) is a grand example of the types Democrats elect across the U.S., uninformed, uninterested and inarguably stupid. Kuster joins the Ann_Kuster_1ranks of Rep. Hank Johnson who thought the island of Guam might “tip over and capsize” if too many people inhabited the island. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) said in February 2013, “I stand here a freed slave because this Congress came together.” Yes, she did. Kuster may or may not be both stupid but she is certainly dangerous.

In the video below, Kuster is at a Townhall and is asked about Benghazi and House Resolution 36 which would form a “select committee” to investigate how four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya and why Obama and Hillary Clinton lied about the circumstances around those deaths.

“I don’t have…It’s a Senate thing…uh, I don’t think we have anything about that in the House, um…”

She was reading the Resolution which was handed to her from an audience question. She didn’t finish the read.

“Well, I’m certainly not here to talk about it. We’re here to talk about the Middle East.” Read more at BizPac Review

The audience reaction is memorable. Kuster had to look to her minder for a response. He actually said she was “nice enough to be here….” He wanted to “stick to the format” which apparently was answering the written questions of the audience, just not a question about Benghazi.

Democrats in the House are not paying attention to Benghazi because they have Elijah Cummings (D-MD) carrying the water for the left side of the aisle. They are desperate for a cover-up. They are desperate to keep the sheep silent. Any statement that Benghazi was mis-handled, that we were misled lied to is characterized as political theater by Cummings. Hillary Clinton said about Benghazi, “what difference does it make now?” Cummings said “Death is a part of life.” Yes, he did.


We’ll begin now to hear that Libya is in Africa and not the Middle East, but it is both a Middle Eastern and an African state, as is Egypt. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) says Democrats can run on ObamaCare in 2014 and 2016. Right. We’ll see what the Party does with this after they finish telling us she simply “misspoke.”

The first official use of the term “Middle East” by the United States government was in the 1957 Eisenhower Doctrine, which pertained to the Suez Crisis. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles defined the Middle East as “the area lying between and including Libya on the west and Pakistan on the east, Syria and Iraq on the North and the Arabian peninsula to the south, plus the Sudan and Ethiopia.” In 1958, the State Department explained that the terms “Near East” and “Middle East” were interchangeable, and defined the region as including only Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. Source: Middle Eastern History

Kuster’s first term in Congress began in January 2013. She defeated Republican Charles Bass who opposed ObamaCare but is a big supporter of global warming ideology. Wake-up New Hampshire! You may have gone for Obama by 9 points but you are Red at heart. Republicans, this is an opportunity.

Rep. Ann Kuster is asked why she isn’t addressing Benghazi. She responds that she is there to talk about the Middle East (video)
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