Mayra Rosales: Texas Woman Fattest on Record 1036 Pounds – The Incredible Husband – Bernie Rosales

Mayra Rosales, 28, is charged with the murder of her two-year-old nephew. She says she fell on him and crushed him accidentally. She confessed. She is too big for a court room and too big for jail. Each buttock weighs at least 120 lbs. according to the video. The images are like nothing you have seen before. There is nudity. There is pizza, cheesecake and about 18,000 calories consumed daily. She is anemic, has high-blood pressure, congestive heart, diabetes and she menstruated for three straight months. Her husband, Bernie Rosales, is her enabler. She is bedridden, can’t shop for groceries, cannot cook. He is overweight but not obese as you can see from the first photo below. Bernie’s devotion to this woman is more bewildering than her weight. (The first video below was filmed over a 4-year period.) You’ll see that what happens to/for Mayra undoubtedly is due to the courtesy of the American taxpayer. Whether she is a U.S. citizen is not discussed and I haven’t found that information on a web search. (UPDATE: I changed the title from 1056 pounds to 1036 pounds – a typo).

Mayra Rosales - Bernie Rosales

Mayra Rosales – Bernie Rosales

Eventually, she changes her version of the story from accidentally killing the little boy to accusing her sister of abusing him and killing him with blows to his head with a hair brush. Her sister, Jaime, the mother of the 2-year-old goes missing. Due to the publicity of a murder charge, a Houston doctor who treats the morbidly obese enter’s Mayra’s world in 2011. Men with saws cut walls down to move her out of the house because she won’t fit through a door. She is diagnosed with lymphedema. Mayra remained a suspect, along with Jaime who fled to Mexico. First two photos courtesy of Crushable. Third photo courtesy of Mail Online Jaime turns herself in and meets authorities at the Mexican-U.S. border. Her partner and the father of the dead child is a member of a Mexican drug cartel. She says while she was in Mexico her partner (the boy’s father) “sold her to men.” (Update: Mayra was acquitted of all harm to her nephew. Jaime Lee Rosales, the mother of Eliseo, was convicted and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.) Jaime takes responsibility for the death and pleads guilty to lesser charges. Mayra gets ready for extraordinary surgery. While in the hospital she lost 448 pounds with lymphedema fluid drained off, liposuction and a gastric bypass. The video ends, and ABC’s Nightline continues the story, saying Mayra has lost 800 pounds – “one-fifth of the woman she was five years ago (second video below). She is seeking custody of Jaime’s surviving children.

Mayra Rosales

Mayra Rosales

While her weight was something simply unimaginable, her husband’s devotion and tender care of this woman is astounding. While watching the video I was appalled, disgusted and again astounded at the dedication of Bernie Rosales. Mayra Rosales is a very fortunate woman to do this terrible thing to herself, and to her husband, and still keep him by her side.

Mayra Rosales - 800 lbs lighter

Mayra Rosales – 800 lbs lighter

Myra Rosales: The Over-Half-Ton Woman and Her Incredible Husband (video)

Nightline: Myra Rosales (video)
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  • Linda

    She is disgusting. Please don’t tell me taxpayers paid for her surgery or her lifestyle or should I say death-style. This is obviously a very lazy, self indulging, undisciplined piece of fat. She must smell like garbage. This isn’t human. And her husband??? Is this the face/body of our social welfare?

    • Linda, I can’t find who paid anywhere. The doctors were probably pro-bono but there had to be much that was not free. As I watched him, I wondered how much disability income was coming in. Couldn’t find that either. I watched the whole thing though and it appears he really was devoted to her (although I didn’t see him in the video when she walked into her home with a walker for the first time).

  • My thought is that he is an enabler, something wrong that he continued to supply the food etc …

    Interesting about the Mexican drug connection. I’m betting tax dollars were involved in every step of this. No way she could work, nothing said about him a job that I saw.

    • Hi Debbie, yes he was definitely an enabler, but I was still shocked at his “devotion” to her, to go through all that disgusting bathing and transporting and…well, you know, but maybe they got paid enough from the government to do.

  • Jane

    I found this story fascinating on many levels. Bernie and Mayra’s devotion to each other was actually quite heart-warming. I was glad to see that the death of the child was resolved.

    You know that we paid for everything! These border towns are poverty pits full of drugs, sex slaves, and misery. I would also like to know if they were legally here.

    We need a follow-up on Mayra.