Lowering Federal Flags for Nelson Mandela: Thumbing Noses at British Colonizers

What do Winston Churchill and Pope John Paul II have in common with Nelson Mandela? In U.S. history, presidents have given an order to lower our federal flags to half-mast in honor of the death of a foreigner only three times, Nelson Mandela’s death being one of the three, along with Winston Churchill and Pope John Paull II. The Obamas will travel to South Africa for the Mandela funeral. Churchill fortunately died long before BHO could deny this great American ally the honor. You know how he despises those colonizers, and didn’t Churchill thwart the Mau Mau rebellion against the Brit’s Kenyan rule? Yes, I believe he did. Grandpa Hussein Onyango Obama spent some time in a jail cell for supporting the tribe, or maybe he didn’t. History is murky on the details. Five of Grandpa’s friends aren’t convinced, because, you know “People make things up.”  Obama released a statement about the death of Britain’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the day she died, but that’s all he did. Neither he nor any member of his administration crossed the pond to attend services.


“Here in the United States, we joined our British friends in mourning the passing of Baroness Margaret Thatcher, a great champion of freedom and liberty and of the alliance that we carry on today,” Obama said.

“Thank you for what you said about Margaret Thatcher,” Cameron responded. “It was a pleasure to welcome so many Americans to her remarkable funeral in the UK.”

Those Americans, however, did not include either the president or first lady. The Telegraph reported:

Significantly, however, those Americans who attended Lady Thatcher’s funeral in St Paul’s Cathedral did not include a single serving member of the Obama administration in Washington. As is so often the case with President Obama, his flowery, grandiose words frequently fail to match his actions. There is a name for this kind of approach – rank hypocrisy. Read more at BizPac Review

The article linked above quotes NPR saying that the honor of lowering our flag is “generally reserved for those with whom the United States has a special relationship.” Obama’s “special” relationships generally have nothing to do with the welfare of the citizens of the United States. Reducing sanctions against Iran to below levels already set by the United Nations is just one example. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see at what mast our flag would fly if the Iranian Ayatollah died?

Read more on Obama’s comments on Mandela at CS Monitor.

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