Knockout Game: You Hit a Girl? Girl Hits Back, Over and Over and Over – Black Gamer Just Lies There

In the short video you see a man in a white shirt running and hear someone saying “let’s go, let’s go.” The next thing you hear is “oh,” and you see the white shirt and a woman in a striped sweater beating the heck out of him. She leaves the shirt alone and goes for the shoulders, neck and head. A man comes to help. Other reports say he was the woman’s companion, and straddles the thug. He says “you hit a girl, you hit an f-ing girl,” and he finally stops the woman’s flying fists. Someone late to the party who missed the origin of the bedlam says “hey, hey” in an attempt to stop the woman, but the man says “he just hit her,” and then no one was interested in the black man in the white shirt on the ground, unable to get up, nose bleeding, etc. All this excitement in a Las Vegas shopping mall.

Foiled KnockOut Game

Foiled KnockOut Game

I try to imagine doing the same thing, and hope that I see it coming, as she did. Some do not. Most are totally unaware. Cowards. Watch him just lay there and try to cover his head. We need another name. Note that the cretins who participate in knocking unsuspecting person, almost exclusively white person, to the ground, call this a “game.” We need to change the language. I hope the police were brought in and the gamer was arrested. Video and graphic courtesy of Opposing Views via Fire Andrea Mitchell.

Linked at Reaganite Republican thanks RR. Take a look at his snapshots of “Bad Christmas Gifts.” Hilarious!

Las Vegas Shopping Mall Knockout Gamer Gets Smacked Over and Over by a Woman (video)

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  • poptoy1949

    Don’t feel sorry for this idiot. he started it and he had the beating coming in return. Serves him right.

  • Ken

    Still only a hate crime if the white person hits the black person, black animal hits white person, that’s just well, kids having fun

  • Daryl

    Bet he was surprised!!! and she did a great job, actually i am a little disappointed in the guy, he should have helped her out and made sure the guy never ever forgets what happened to him and never “play” this game again. next time it might be someone with a knife that removes some parts of his body or pokes a hole in him with a 9 mil.

  • Feel-good story of the Month!

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