Hypocritical Low Info Hollywood Celebrities: Chest Hair Connected to the…Rain Forest

John Stossel with few choice thoughts about Hollywood celebrities who, no doubt, worked hard to get where they are, but now believe their talents are so incredibly awesome that no one could replace them or shine brighter than them, forgetting their earlier days. The days of Lana Turner or Marilyn Monroe being discovered posing on a soda fountain stool, are long gone. Those who cannot measure up to the Hollywood glorious? We simply need take care of the poor fools, make life easier for them/us – we don’t have the magic they have. The following courtesy of the amazing John Stossel, read more about more clueless celebs here. 

John Stossel

John Stossel

On my TV show, actor/author Kevin Sorbo pointed out that such sentiments make little sense coming from entertainers. “It’s a very entrepreneurial business.

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo

You have to work very hard to get lucky, mixed with any kind of talent to get a break in this business. I told Clooney, George, you’re worth $100 million — of course you can afford to be a socialist!”

It’s bad enough that celebrities trash the only economic system that makes poor people’s lives better. What’s worse is that many are hypocrites.

Celebrities who support big-government politicians routinely take advantage of tax breaks, which reduce the amount they contribute to that government.

It’s nice that Obama supporter Bon Jovi has a foundation that builds houses for poor people, but at tax time, the musician labels himself a “farmer.” He pays only $100 in state property tax. And his tax dodge gimmick: raising honeybees.

Bruce Springsteen sings about factories closing down but pays little tax on the hundreds of acres of land he owns. His dodge: An organic farmer works his land. Hollywood’s campaign to “save the earth” brings out the most hypocrisy.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently announced, “I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.”

Really? Flying around the world?

I’m amazed they’re not embarrassed by what they say. Maybe they don’t know how clueless they are because reporters rarely confront them about their hypocrisy…

To fill the gap, Jason Mattera, author of “Hollywood Hypocrites,” confronts hypocritical celebrities…

He and his cameraman located Harrison Ford after the actor had himself filmed getting his chest hair waxed. Ford said the pain of ripping out his chest hair should make us think about the pain the Earth feels when trees in a rainforest are cut down.

Chest hair, rain forest — get it?

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