Howard University Students Oblivious That Parent’s Health Care Will Go The Way of the Dodo Bird

Reporter Michelle Fields visited the historically black Howard University in Washington, D.C., trying to find one person who has signed up for ObamaCare or has tried to sign-up. She found zero. Several said they would stay on their parent’s plan without seeming to realize that their parent’s plan will be going the way of global warming or the Dodo bird, take your pick.

Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Howard University, Washington, D.C.

The question: just how much are parents willing to pay for their newly designed health care to keep the little darlings on an unaffordable policy? To provide Susie’s and Junior’s free contraception?

“For young people to recognize that it is in their financial interest and their health interest to be able to get on-going preventive care, to be able to get free contraception and, you know, benefits like mammograms that allow them to maintain their health throughout their lives, without fear of going bankrupt or making their family bankrupt if they get sick, that’s something that’s priceless,” Obama said.

UPDATE: These kids were smart enough to STAY AWAY from the website which is riskier AFTER the recent ‘fix.’ 

Most of the students you see in the video haven’t a clue. One said he hasn’t heard much about it.

Michelle Fields at Howard University

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