GW Bush Considered Far More Important in History than Obama Leader of the Free World Obama Ranked at No. 111: Mandela Hardly on Radar

Likely due to the fact that Barack Obama had a black father, the current Leader of the Free World is considered No. 111th among a list of the Most Famous People in History. Nelson Mandela, the man who “liberated” blacks in South Africa, ranks No. 356th. George W. Bush ranks 36th (oooooh don’t you know Valerie Jarrett is steaming?). Another Republican President ranks 13 notches higher than Bush. Who? Find it here and read more about the rankings.

Graphic courtesy of IowaDawg's Blawg. Click to visit.

Graphic courtesy of IowaDawg’s Blawg. Click to visit.


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    President Selfie is going to be hard to live with for the next couple of days!

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    This site is so disgusting. Nothing but a place to spew hatred on the internet.

    • Semper Fi, hard to swallow isn’t it? No hate here, only reality. Wake up!