God Help the Teacher at Arapahoe High School Who Left the Building and Lived

UPDATE: 12-14-13: The gunman has been named as Karl Halverson Pierson, 18, intelligent and on the debate team. Contrary to earlier reports, only one student was wounded, a female who is in critical condition. A second girl, covered in blood, was taken to the hospital but was not injured. End UPDATE

We never know what is true and what is not, so there is that to remember. The high school student who will forever be known as the “shooter” at

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook

Colorado’s Arapahoe High School and who allegedly killed himself, walked into the school looking for a specific teacher, and found him. The teacher, a Librarian, according this ABC News story, reportedly escaped and drove away from the school “in his truck.” Another student “confronted” the gunman. That student was shot and is in critical condition. A second student was shot and has been treated for minor injuries. I don’t know how the teacher who escaped the wrath of the killer feels about this. Most of us would be on our knees in gratitude that we were spared, but would grieve for the rest of our lives over the entire event and likely go beyond grief if the seriously injured student dies or is physically or mentally impaired for life. God help this man and those injured deal with this atrocity. See the related video below. UPDATE: Lest anyone mistake my asking God to help the teacher and all involved, know that I sincerely meant those words. My intent was to say that I don’t know how the teacher feels, but if he is like most of us, he is in despair. No one should have to deal with a situation like this the rest of his/her life/lives. There is no blame cast on anyone except for the gunman.

Arapahoe High School Shooting, Centennial, Colorado (video)

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  • The teacher may have done so out of fear. It also may have occurred to him, that his not being there may help diffuse the situation. It would help to know exactly what the kid’s beef with the teacher was.

    • LPS Mom

      the teacher left because that is the active shooter protocol… you remove the shooter’s target to entice the shooter to leave as well.

      God bless all the victims and the shooter and their families, and God Blessed all those at LPS who managed this terrible day correctly.

      • LPS Mom, I understand and in NO way blame him.

    • Proof, I’m sure he was terrified. The guy had a gun, and as you say, maybe he thought it would end if he got away. Suicide followed so this student was a mess mentally.

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  • I think he must have felt it was personal — the kid was after him. But he also knew the likelihood he might take it out on others. I’d be torn, too — did he have a weapon? Maybe the reason the first kid is injured but still alive is because the kid really wasn’t mad at him, but at the teacher who ran? Who can tell, but I do sympathize and grieve for those hurt and scared kids. This is the culture of violence and I don’t mean guns, I mean the violence all around us on the airiwaves in our homes and it feeds the kids.

    • norma brown, appears it was personal. Also appears that he wasn’t directly confronted by Karl Halverson Pierson. Terrible thing. Another student says the female student was shot in the stomach.