Congress Gets Its Own Private ObamaCare Website – but…It Crashed: No Tawdry Slum Health Care for Reid Staffers

Don’t you wonder what it cost us to develop an ObamaCare site exclusively for Congressional staffers? It crashed today, so you know the cost was grossly more than it should have bee because, that’s the way government rolls, but then, there shouldn’t have been a site for “staffers” in the first place. Now, poor souls have to sign-up with the common folk on the D.C. exchange – except for Senator Harry Reid’s staffers who were exempted from this tawdry business of slum health care.


It takes a lot of crust to engage in hypocrisy this blatant. Remember Harry Reid’s Christmas Eve vote on a health care bill few had seen and none had read? Remember his legislative chicanery, used to jam ObamaCare (unpopular even then!) down the throats of the American people?

Well, get this: Now he’s exempted some of his staff from living under the law he worked so hard to pass. They can continue with the cushy government plan that taxpayers would love to be able to have — and afford. Well said by Carol Platt Liebau (more here).


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