Christmas Tree of the Day December 14, 2013: Rascal Flatts Live – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

The video is Rascal Flatts in a live performance of I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Remembering those who served and didn’t make it home.


Rascall Flatts – I’ll Be Home For Christmas (video)
If you have a photo of your tree, send it to me (find my email address under the ‘Contact’ tab above). I would love to post it assuming you aren’t a troll who might place a Chairman Mao ornament on your unsuspecting tree (as did the White House on Obama’s first Christmas in the White House), or something equally egregious. I reserve the right to pick and choose based solely on the idea of a tree in the spirit of Christmas, not Satan, atheism or other progressive agendas. I’ll identify your tree and link in any way you prefer, or not i.d., it’s your choice.

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