Christmas Tree of the Day December 11, 2013: The Wettermans and Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby

Through the unfortunate incidence of a storm that came through the Tulsa area this summer, I was fortunate to meet neighbors, Bill and Pam Wetterman. They had a lot of damage to their home. The fence gate of another neighbor left a huge hole in the roof of their two-story house. Hubby and I met them as they were dragging soggy furnishings out onto their front lawn. By noon, their dining room table had warped. The Wetterman’s are both authors. Bill has four published books, receiving an exciting review from Writers’ Digest Review for his second novel. Pam’s first book debuted in September 2013. I thank them for sharing their family’s pretty Christmas Tree for my Christmas Tree of the Day project. More below, including Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby.


Pam chose Women’s Fiction for her genre. Bill writes hard-hitting political/psychological thrillers with women as fearless protagonists. He has won numerous awards for short stories, inspirational pieces, Mystery, Suspense and Thriller competitions, and garnered Top 10 in the Writers’ Digest Genre Fiction Contest in 2011 with over 11,000 entries. He is often published in Chicken Soup For The SoulRead the Writers Digest review of Bill’s work here.

You don’t often find a writer beginning his/her first novel project with an idea for three books, but Bill did just that with The Peacock Trilogy, the first three books you see below. The fourth is his latest release Busted, The Odyssey of Holly Bunn. Bunn “has spent her whole life crawling out of hell.” 

Pam’s first novel is the Artist’s Paradise. I haven’t yet had time to finish it, but I have read enough to know that I like both the male and female central characters – especially Jonathan. I wanted to reach into the pages to yank them back from what I knew were mistakes of both character and judgement.


I am also only about half-way through one of Bill’s books. Political blogging doesn’t leave much time for fiction. I won’t say which book, but I will tell you that the main character got my attention when she was doing her job as an agent, routinely and clandestinely rendezvousing with an older man of interest to an agency similar to our NSA. Incapable of falling in love — let’s say she grew fond of something about him — she mused silently to herself, something like:

Eventually they will ask me to kill him. I’ll make it quick. I’ll snap his neck.

My apologies to Bill for that paraphrase, a flavor, from memory. It is not representative of Bill’s talent. It was a good moment in a novel seemingly showcasing what we once thought unthinkable, capabilities not possible for a government to acquire.

Today, we know if our government can switch on our computer cam without a single hint to us sitting quietly in the privacy of our homes and offices, there is far more going on than even Edward Snowden knows. When the cam can record through the sticky note covering mine, that little camera eye at the top of the screen (and you know one day it will), I’ll have to make a decision. Do I move to New Zealand? New Zealander, author, blogger and speaker Trevor Louden says “there is no where to run now.”

Visit Pam on Amazon here and here for her blogBill on Amazon here, blog here, and no, I do not receive compensation for my chatter nor for linking.

Unlike Pam’s characters, Jonathan and Angie Rhodes, Bill and Pam have had a long and successful marriage. Both are on their second careers and Pam’s second book is underway. Both she and her novelist-speaker-and-educator husband, whom she regularly praises for his encouragement and critiquing skills, are living the dream of so many – they are writers. They made it happen. They tell me I can, too.

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Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby (video)
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