Central African Republic: Christians Hit Back After Muslim Seleka Coup – Obama Helps Disarm Christians

The brutal Muslim terrorist group, known as Seleka, overthrew the government in the Central African Republic capital of Bangui in March 2013. They have been raping, looting and killing every day since. Today, Christians are fighting back and Obama is sending U.S. military aircraft to airlift African troops into the area…to disarm everyone. The Air Force Times calls the terrorists “ex-rebels.” What is going on? Look at this:

Armed Seleka Terrorist Looters patrol street to protect against "looters"

Armed Seleka Terrorist Looters patrol streets to protect against “looters”

There are more than 1,000 French troops in the Central African Republic, where more than 400 people were killed in two days of violence last week between Christians and Muslims. Christian armed fighters oppose the Muslim ex-rebels now in charge of the former French colony. Source: Air Force Times

“Ex-rebels?” I mean really, “ex-rebels?” Nowhere in this article from our Air Force is the word “Seleka,” or “coup” found. Obama is setting the stage to thwart any attempt for Christians to defend themselves. Those committing “crimes” should be “arrested,” said Obama. Some of those crimes would be Christians attacking a mosque where Seleka weapons were stored – after losing their country and homes to Muslim terrorists.

The Air Force Times is not published by our Air Force (The Army and Navy Times have the same article). The website says it is published by Gannett Government Media, a “trusted, independent source for news and information….”

Days after the successful Seleka coup, Voice of America said “rebel forces,” (identified as Seleka) and “peacekeepers mopped up pockets of resistance,” (not Muslims). “Mopping up” Christians has become a mission. That’s not all, VOA also told us “The Seleka rebel coalition struggled to stamp out the chaos….” Unbelievable!

The population of Central African Republic is 25 percent Protestant, 25% Roman Catholic and 15 percent Muslim. We have to go to The Telegraph to get a headline declaring “Seleka” “terrorising” the Republic’s “Christian population.” Seleka did not hit only the capital city. They have creeped into villages by night and killed untold numbers who were not able to run to the bush to escape with their children.

The identity of the assailants is well known. They are the unpaid thugs of the Seleka militia, now the footsoldiers of the national army after a coup in March by an alliance of five separate rebel groups that marched on the capital, Bangui, ousting Francois Bozize, the former president.

The French army said it has restored some stability in the capital of Central African Republic after battling gunmen on Monday in an operation to disarm rival Muslim and Christian fighters responsible for killing hundreds since last week….

When Seleka soldiers were treated here by the doctor, they showed their gratitude by looting the mattresses. Source: The Telegraph


Much of the wide-scale violence that has killed hundreds in the last week has eased but Reuters reporters in Bangui saw a mosque set on fire, houses looted and cars torched on Tuesday. Residents reported several lynchings overnight too.

The country has descended into chaos since mainly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power in March. Months of looting, raping and killing since has brought reprisals by Christian militias.

Michel Djotodia, Seleka leader-turned interim president, has lost control of his loose band of fighters, which includes many from Sudan and Chad…

According to Celestin Christ Leon, a spokesman for the African peacekeeping force in Bangui, a rebel commander was harassing people, who called the French to come and help them.

“They came and tried to disarm the Seleka but gunfire erupted,” he said.

How often do we hear that Christians are fighting back in a very public way to defend themselves, their families and their right to live and worship without a war lord lording over them? Not often enough.

The French have been disarming both sides and we are sending in African troops to do the same, rather than disarming terrorists and allowing citizens who have lost everything to keep their arms for defense. One man said they found arms in the mosque:

We don’t want to see Djotodia and his Muslims here any more,” said one man at the scene, who wielded a large knife and refused to give his name. (see Reuters link above)

This area of Africa is richly endowed with diamonds, gold, uranium and other minerals, and perhaps undeveloped oil fields. No, Westerners have not stolen their wealth, yet they have limited electricity and live in poverty. The French have been gone since 1960 (other than troops).

To clarify, the Central South African President who fled the Selekas is Francois Bozizé. Bozizé achieved power by a coup against Ange-Félix Patassé who is considered to have been democratically elected twice, with the help of the United Nations. I’m not defending Bozizé.

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