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Just want to say hello after disappearing mid-week before Christmas. Family from out-of-town arrived about that time to be here for a Christmas Party Sunday evening that has been a tradition since before I was born (yes…really, that long!). My grandparents started the gatherings, originally on Christmas Eve. Only two from

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si House Shoes

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si House Shoes

the early parties are still with us, my Mother and my Aunt. As the family grew and small children came along, church activities on Christmas Eve intervened, so we moved the party to the Sunday before Christmas unless that Sunday happens to be Christmas Eve, in which case we move it back another week. We play the Dirty Santa game (or whatever the name) – the one where everyone brings a gift of $10-$15. The plan is, usually, the girls bring something girly, the boys something manly. You can steal a gift three times and then it’s frozen. The overwhelmingly, most popular gift this year was a pair of Duck Dynasty Camo house shoes with the face of Uncle Si (I’m told) on the toes, complete with wire rim glasses. A 12-year-old proudly left the party wearing them.

My Frozen Weeping Youpon

My Frozen Weeping Youpon


On that Friday Tulsa had one of its ice storms and there was no thawing until Christmas Eve, and then it took several days. Our roads were clear but trees and electrical lines were heavy with ice. Many were without power. When we arrived at my cousin’s for “the party,” it looked like a silvery, shimmery scene from a movie or a Christmas card, especially with a street lamp near one of his enormous (huge) old (very old) trees. Wish I had a photo but all I can offer is my Weeping Youpon and tub of Rosemary.

My brother and his family left on Monday morning before Christmas heading for the East coast and Christmas with more family. Our son arrived from L.A. that same night. 

My Frozen Rosemary

My Frozen Rosemary

Tonight my Rosemary looks healthy. When I ran my fingers along one stalk a few minutes ago, the needles were ripe with intoxicating Rosemary oil.

The ice did cause some internet connection problems due to weather, but I wasn’t online anyway. When all was back-up and running, I found that I was given an Honorable Mention by the outstanding Watchers of Weasels Council. I’ve added the nominations and winners below – excellent reading for the week after all the holiday bustle, and my apologies for being so very tardy.

We’ve seen two movies in the last two days: American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave (a true story). Very different movies. Loved them both. The latter cut right to the heart when a certain person did not walk toward “him.” If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m referring to. If not, I haven’t given it away. Christian Bale is the lead in American Hustle and honestly, I loved his performance. Loved the performance of everyone in it. Bale had to put on many, many pounds for this part. He was hardly recognizable, but his performance was superb. It’s a fun, intriguing movie.


I’m hoping all my online friends had a wonderful Christmas and very happy holidays. Pardon me while hubby and I catch up on more movies and other activities with our son through New Year’s Day. I’ll be blogging but sporadicly until 2014 arrives. Thank You to findalis for sharing her work here while I was away. Visit her at Monkey in the Middle (do you know what a “large group of baboons are called?” Read it here.


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