California’s Obama Health Care Exchange Shared Site Visitor’s Private Info Without Permission

Security breaches are believed to be in the “tens of thousands.” California’s health care exchange, Covered California, is not a state exchange. It is an ObamaCare exchange. There is a difference, don’t confuse the two. People who went on the Covered California website but did not enroll and did not ask to be contacted have had their names, addresses, phone numbers and email address given to insurance companies. Those visitors to the site did not sign a release. This truly stupid state will do anything to make Obama’s dreams of totalitarianism come true.


Estimates are that “tens of thousands” have had their confidential information released. The goal is to help Obama reach the numbers of enrollees he needs to get out of the hole he has enthusiastically dug for himself and the Democrat Party.

According to the L.A. Times article, Social Security numbers were not shared, but how comfortable to do you really feel about that if you are one of the “tens of thousands.” Any good news coming from this bunch of mean-spirited clowns we call an “administration” is usually revised to bad news sooner or later when truth is uncovered.

“I’m shocked and dumbfounded,” said Sam Smith, an Encino insurance broker and president of the California Assn. of Health Underwriters, an industry group.

Smith said he was under the impression from the exchange that these consumers had requested assistance. He received the names of two consumers this week but has not yet contacted them.

“These people would have a legitimate complaint,” Smith said.

The names provided include people who started an insurance application on the Covered California website since enrollment launched Oct. 1, but for whatever reason never picked a health plan or completed the sign-up process.

The state said it provided information on tens of thousands of people who logged into the state’s website, but it didn’t know the exact number.

The exchange said agents were given names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses if available.

Covered California refers to their breach of confidentiality as an “outreach.”

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  • The year is 2013 and by now all websites should be built with internet security as the first item. I guess to the government security is something that isn’t required on any item they own.

    Don’t sign up, don’t register, pay the $95 fine, and let the law collapse.