Alan Combes Replaced With Beck Hannity Limbaugh: NYCs WWRL Drops Ed Schultz

Capitalism at work. Los Angeles’ KTLK wants success and can’t get there with Liberal talkers. What took so long to figure it out? Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity will replace Bill Press, Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes. New Yorkers will need to hablar español to care much about what’s on WWRL, Alan Combes’ and Ed Schultz’ soon-to-be former home. San Francisco’s KNEW will be doing something new – don’t know what.


Bil Press has announced he will join ‘Free Speech TV!’ which has “exposed”…conservative billionaires behind climate change “denial.” “Great investigative work,” it’s called in the video you can see here. Wah!

Free Speech TV’s David Pakman laments McDonald’s One Billion Dollar profits at the expense of “public assistance to the McDonald workforce.” “It’s just amazing….” “stunningly low frontline fastfood workers” make “8.94 an hour….”

Lots of hot news at Free Speech TV. Press must be so excited.

NPR will continue to stand its ground as the tax-payer-subsidized, premier, progressive, sycophantic bastion of the Democrat Party. Conservatism has no such equal, thank God. Just the name, “National Public Radio” should bring on the shivers, although once-upon-a-time “Click and Clack” was the only program on any radio station I could get in my metal-beamed warehouse where I worked very long hours. Loved Click and Clack.

No need to devote time to Mike Malloy when you can read this and please find  the original story at Truth Revolt.

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  • The Market Place will always win when a profit needs to be made. Now to get rid of NPR.

    • findalis, we have no one with the stones to get rid of NPR.

  • A.Men

    Defund National Public Radio. They make millions in profit but still they suck on the teet of free taxpayer money.

    • A.Men, Amen to that! Maybe I can make it a mission to talk about it every quarter if I can find their numbers.

  • Ah … too bad … NOT! Another evil corporation makes a business decision.

    • Woodsterman, Democrats lust for money – every penny – giving little to charity. Dang greedy creeps is what they are. I hope these stations lost a bundle by keeping these losers on the air and now have to work overtime to try to see black. And Odie, thank you so much for the Christmas greetings. I still have family visiting and just haven’t gotten to visit. A belated, Merry Merry Christmas to you!

  • Arlie

    Minnesota needs to WAKE the heck up and defeat this progressive/commie backed Franken-stien “and stuff like that”. We The People do not need any more of his “stuff like that”! MN, land of 10,000 federal butt kissing morons and “stuff like that”.

    • Arlie, I think it’s fairly documented now that he lost to Coleman via voter fraud. Coleman didn’t even try to fight to back. “Land of 10,000 federal butt kissing morons” – love it. Multiply that by at least 100 across all the states.

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  • Bitter Mets Fan

    I know I’m late to the party in commenting but how exactly is Combes replaced with Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh when you state in the article WWRL is flipping to a Spanish format?

    Click bait perhaps? ; )

    • Bitter Mets Fan, hmmmm. My apologies. I seem to have forgotten to put him in the article at all. I’ve fixed that and yes, the title is misleading, but it wasn’t done on purpose. I remember having to spend some time figuring out who was going where and in what cities. Not click bait. Combes isn’t that interesting to my readers. It was simply about liberals being on the losing end because they can’t attract listeners.