Against Empowering Moral Authority? Leaving Us No Defenders of the Innocent

On the anniversary of the deaths of 26 in the Sandy Hook school massacre (Newtown, Connecticut), Leftists are goose-stepping to disarm us, and too many on the Right are following meekly on their heels. The following is a snippet of an essay by Alec Rawls at Error Theory. You may remember that Alec worked diligently to change the trajectory and intent of the Flight 93 Memorial from being an homage to Islam. The video below is by Mom’s Demand Action (anti-gun) with Rawls’ pro-gun voice dubbed over. To be clear, the male voice in the video is that of Alec Rawls.


Conservatives are indeed willing to pay a high price for freedom in those instances where the price of freedom is high but this is not one of those instances. The freedom to bear arms makes us safer, just as all of our liberties contribute to our security and our prosperity. The price we have to pay for liberty is the price of defending it, not some supposed price that liberty itself inflicts!

This is what a moral pervert we have for a president. He sees liberty itself as a negative and strikes at the tree of liberty wherever he has a chance, socializing one sixth of our economy with Obamacare; using the power of the state (in the form of the IRS) tosystematically attack his political opposition; even running “assault weapons” to Mexican drug cartels with no plan to track the guns, only a plan to use them, when they are discovered at crime scenes throughout Mexico, to ensnare America’s law abiding gun industry, blaming our right to keep and bear arms for Obama’s own intentional abuse of those rights…

One of the most important things people must be free to do is defend themselves and each other, because the cheaters and the stealers and the predators are still out there. When we identify them we can take away their gun rights, but it is counterproductive in the extreme to disempower the moral agency of the morally competent in this most crucial area, and this is what the anti-gunners want. They don’t want to disarm just the people who have revealed a criminal nature. They explicitly want to disarm everybody except the government, proving that they have zero comprehension of the primacy of moral agency.

Listen up you liberty hating fruitcakes: all value comes through the empowerment of moral agency, which first requires liberty. To be against the empowerment of moral agency in some crucial area like saving lives is to be a wanton destroyer of value of the highest magnitude. You are Godzilla smashing Tokyo. You are a F4 tornado vacuuming up towns in the Midwest. And then to project the most tender concern for innocent life, as you work perfectly overtly to insure that there will be no defenders of the innocent, how is that even possible? Read it all here, do a few fist pumps and resolve deep down in your soul that the moral authority of a free society will not be undone.

Who said this?

“First f**ker to say the solution is for elementary school teachers to carry guns needs to get beaten to death.”

And who said this after the Navy yard shootings?

The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you.

Answers here

All of the above via What Bubba Knows (and he always knows a lot – look around his site, you’ll be glad you did).

Again, please understand that Moms Demand Action are anti-gun. The male voice you hear is that of Alec Rawls, a pro-gun voice dubbed over the Moms Demand Action video.

Alec Rawls adds pro-gun common sense to anti-gun video (video)

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