A Homeless, Talented Veteran Needs Your Help

Visiting BlurBrain yesterday I learned of a veteran who really needs some help. Those at BlurBrain, a well-respected and established blog, know this man personally and have worked with him in the past. I am told he particularly has skills in website design and graphics —“he’s a crack web and graphic designer” — but this man is willing to take a minimum wage and/or part time job. He lives in the Ocala, Florida area. Think about it, you hire this man for an entry level position. In the future you may need his help for a web-related position and he’ll be right there, with a responsible working history in his past.


…here at BlurBrain we happen to know a homeless veteran. He’s not a wino or drug addict, he’s just down on his luck and can’t find a job.

So we’ve setup a paypal account with a paypal debit card in his name and linked it to our donate button in the sidebar.

Every penny you give will go directly to him and his little dog Charlie…

Just a couple bucks, the cost of a cup of coffee could buy this guy a meal. Ten bucks could feed him for a day. Twenty could get him some decent clothes to wear on a job interview or the gas money to look for work. Source: Whoopie @ Blur Brain

If you have a possible job offer, or want to discuss a position with him, send an email to BlurBrain at the address below and it will be passed on the the veteran.


To donate, visit BlurBrain and click the PayPal button in the right sidebar under the heading: Help a Homeless Vet. Remember, every penny goes to this man.

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