A Grinch Named McAfee Is Stealing My Integrity: I Need Your Help

This is a post I have dreaded doing, and that I’ve had to do more than once but not concerning McAfee. Months ago a few readers emailed to say they were getting a “Red X” warning from McAfee that my site, Maggie’s Notebook, is a risky place to visit. As you’ll see in the graphic from McAfee below, they were/are not familiar with “Blogads,” which was linked here. They have a big gray question mark, meaning they don’t have a clue, yet they flagged me, saying I MIGHT be a security risk. With the report you see below, wouldn’t you think they would show the problem, if the problem is not Blogads? And it is not Blogads – which unfortunately has not been on my site for months, but McAfee has done nothing to fix their problem which becomes my heartbreak. If you are not a customer, these companies will not talk to you. I have asked to be retested numerous times and have never received a response. I have a MAC and my computer is always updated. My hosts have checked my site over and over, have scanned everything possible including their own servers, installed additional and new malware detection, along with the three I already have, and came up with nothing while Blogads was on my site. I removed Blogads. The scans were re-run with nothing malicious found. If you are a McAfee customer, I need your help.


First, Blogads is a very reputable site that places specific ads on blogs that are requested by an advertiser. In otherwords, if an author wants to place an ad on my site, they might go through Blogads. I get paid. Most of my blogging buddies have Blogads on their sites and none of them have been targeted. Blogads are NOT the problem and they are being villified as well.

I have some information that trolls out there in the ether often submit a site as a danger, and some companies simply take their word for it and blacklist the site. That has happened to me twice in the past. It took a very aggressive blogging friend (and others) to get one of them resolved for me – namely, Michelle Obama’s Mirror, or MOTUS as we fondly refer to her. She and her staff used the service that was flagging me and kept the pressure on. The problem eventually went away. My traffic (readers, visitors) has never recovered and now this!

When a troll gets a blog flagged, it’s enough to make a blogger want to say, okay, I’ve had enough, I’ll spend my time doing something else. I’m close to being at that point. I don’t want them to win. I don’t want to give up but if I do, I won’t be the first blogger to move on to other endeavors for this very reason — liberals spreading their hate in hateful and damaging ways.

I’m not infected and have never been infected in soon-to-be seven years of blogging. I do not have a virus and have never had a virus (at least not on my blog site). I do not have malware. I am disgusted and understand that writing this article will likely scare-off others, but whats a girl to do? I ask you, how do I fix this?

If you are a McAfee customer and would be so kind as to let them know that my site is certainly not risky to any one other than Liberals and Progressives, I will be so grateful.

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  • Nancy

    I’m not a McAfee customer, but if there is anything I can do, please let me know.

  • McAfee is one of the worst cyber-security programs to have. Try Avast, folks or if you are a Charter internet customer, they have an excellent security program as part of the package. Truth is a commodity that progressives cannot afford.

    • Keith A. Lehman, If I ever used McAfee it was many years ago and when I used windows. I have a MAC and Integro Virus Barrier along with three additional. Thanks for the information. We do not have Charter here in my area.

      “Truth is a commodity that progressives cannot afford.”

      These people are evil!

  • someone just hacked my site; it is definitely the grinches out to ruin Christmas. I have an idea who my troll is and if there were anybody to report him to, I would.

    • Norma, if you were hacked and you have an idea who it is, maybe you have the IP address. If this is a person who commented at your site, the IP address will on the comment on the back side. The hacker needs to be reported. Get your host involved or your IT people, webmaster, etc, if you are still using one. Send me details by email if you want and I’ll see if I can help.

  • Sorry to hear you are having more troubles with McAfee. I’m not a customer, but this just plain stinks.

    • Thanks LD. It does certainly stink!

  • Kathleen

    Unbelievable. I was one that use to get the warning on your blog, I don’t use them either, I use Norton. Interesting it showed up on my computer recently, (must have been from a download and I didn’t see it but I tried uninstalling it and my programs weren’t working. I had to do a restore to a previous date (McAfee is back)then it works again. I hope SOMEONE can help you!

    • Kathleen, after you notified me, I had a few more readers at FB to tell me the same. It wasn’t only FB, but I haven’t had many complaints because people will not risk sidestepping the warning. They just move on.

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  • Don’t use McAfee. Son-in-law keeps me up to date security way, and haven’t had a problem since.

    • findalis, the only problem I have EVER had is trolls.

  • I don’t use McAffee or have Blogads. I do remember the last time you were having problems – it got pretty ugly.

    Don’t give up – we need you…

    • Adrienne, thanks for the encouragement. I really do appreciate it.

  • TORI

    Perhaps you should change virus protection?
    I hope that the people using McAfee contacts them. I do not use it. if there is anything I can do, please let me know.

    • Tori, I do not use McAfee. I have never used McAfee. I buy very good an expensive detection services and am also covered by my host. The problem is, I’m not a customer so they don’t give a darn.

  • Maggie, just published this on Grumpy – witha little additional information..

    Like the fact McAfee has you listed as dirty because of a link that no longer exists to Blog Ads.. But they have Blog Ads listed as clean.

    So even if you were still linked to Blog Ads, McAfee would look like a bunch of jackasses

    • Wes taylor

      Please do not give up. I just recently found your site after moving back to the Tulsa area upon retirement. We need more sites like yours, not less. I do not use McAfee so I am unable to help you with them.

      • Wes, thanks for reading and congratulations on moving back to this beautiful and conservative part of the country. I appreciate your encouragement. It means a lot. Thanks for finding me:-) G

  • Jeff

    Say Maggie,

    I have McAfee. Site deemed dangerous if I access via Mozella Firefox. Not so, if I access via Yahoo/ATT Explorer 10. Hope this info is of some help. May I suggest, as a solution, you join McAfee long enough for folks there to care about and cure the problem then drop them.1

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