What The Generals Said: Boykin, Brady, Mattis: Chinook Not Adequate For bin Laden Raid, Girly-Men Winning Medals, Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet

US Army General Jerry Boykin (Ret.) says he has personally spoken with members of the armed services who would like to oust Obama in a “coup,” but the military is controlled by civilians and doing so would be “unconstitutional,” so that will not happen. But you know what? He said it. He told it. He uttered it. We knew it. I take comfort in it.

Lt. General William "Jerry" Boykin

Lt. General William “Jerry” Boykin

“People I’ve spoken to would like to see the military ‘fulfill their constitutional duty and take out the president,’ ” retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin told World Net Daily, a website best known for pushing Obama “birther” conspiracy theories. “Our Constitution puts a civilian in charge of the military and as a result a coup would not be constitutional. You’re not going to see a coup in the military.” Source. (If you can resist, don’t visit them for the reason below)

Notice the jab that the author made at World Net Daily, about the “birther” issue. Assuming WND quoted Lt. General William Boykin correctly, that’s the only point needing to be made.

Oh, and the “source” also says the General is “an evangelical Christian,” not likely a positive in the author’s opinion. Boykin is a handful, and he speaks his mind. He believes Islam is dangerous to the U.S. and inside the U.S.

Lt. General Patrick Brady

Lt. General Patrick Brady

U.S. Army Lt. General Patrick Brady (Ret.), a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient lamented ‘girly-men’ in today’s officer corps (no, he doesn’t speak with a German accent):

Girly-men leadership [and] medals for not shooting and operating a computer.

It’s my opinion that computerized warfare is a very good thing, but as the General was saying, I believe, operating a drone, no matter how many enemy are killed, should not qualify for a medal usually reserved for courage under fire. If a medal is appropriate, it should designate that risk of life was not necessary to pin it on your chest.

Today in another report of yet another purged Officer, a retired U.S. Navy Captain, Joseph John, is quoted:

“The truly sad story is that many of the brightest graduates of the three major service academies witnessing what the social experiment on diversity … is doing to the U.S. military, are leaving the service after five years,” he said. “We are being left with an officer corps that can be made to be more compliant, that is, exactly what Obama needs to effect his long range goals for the U.S. military.”…

He referred specifically to the Rules of Engagement in combat that were put in place after Obama took office, asserting that the changes resulted in very high casualty rates in Afghanistan, including the loss of 17 members of SEAL Team 6 in one incident.

“The Rules of Engagement precluded the use of suppression fire at a landing zone,” John said.

Then there is feisty Four-Star General James Mattis, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), formerly the Supreme Commander of CentCom, who led the Marines into Iraq. In January 2013 Jennifer Griffin, the awesome Fox News Pentagon correspondent, reported that Mattis was being forced out of his post months early because he disagreed with Obama’s Iran policies.

Journalist Tom Ricks first reported that Mattis was facing an early exit, and insiders tell Fox News that the general was increasingly making the White House nervous while butting heads with National Security Adviser Tom Donilon over Iran.

Mattis has been in charge of military efforts in the Middle East since August 2010, and previously he led the Marines into Iraq in 2003.

General James Mattis

General James Mattis

Mattis turned 63 in September 2013. What a waste unless he wanted out. Not likely because what Griffin reports is always solid.

Here are a few heart-warming (seriously) quotes attributed to General James Mattis:

♥ “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f**k with me, I’ll kill you all.”

♥ “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

♥ “Demonstrate to the world there is ‘No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy’ than a U.S. Marine.”

♥ “It is mostly a matter of wills. Whose will is going to break first? Ours or the enemy’s?”

♥ “Be the hunter, not the hunted: Never allow your unit to be caught with its guard down.”

♥ “In a country with millions of people & cars going everywhere, the enemy is going to get a car bomb out there once in a while.”

Going back to General Boykin, in August 2011 Ann Barnhardt writing at Teressa Monroe Hamilton’s Noisy Room quoted Boykin on the raid on the bin Laden compound. You’ll remember that a helicopter with our SEAL team crashed on the compound fence. Boykin said the Chinook was “inadequate” and “not designed for use in Special Operations Missions.” You’ll also remember that fire came at our troops from suspicious directions and question about the possibility of American Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps inside the White House notifying the Taliban that night, haven’t gone away. He was very clear about the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the U.S. and in the White House – something many bloggers write about routinely. Hear the audio clip of the MB conversation here.

To be clear, the last thing I want in America is a military coup, and neither does General Boykin. I want a huge victory at the polls. I want to take the Senate significantly, and then I want the repeals to start, and not stop with ObamaCare. Check the list of military purges here (scroll to bottom).

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