Virginia Gov Race: “Libertarian” Candidate Robert Sarvis Partially Funded by Big Obama Bundler Joe Liemandt

Joe Liemandt is a top Obama bundler and the principle funder of the Texas Libertarian Booster PAC which allegedly made the “largest independent contribution to Robert Sarvis’ campaign. Sarvis is the “Libertarian” in the Virginia Governors race, pulling votes from Republican Ken Cuccinelli. Every Libertarian should be outraged. With more and more Americans leaning Libertarian, this scheme leaves a stench as putrid as any RINO. If you are a Virginia voter today, please get out and vote for Ken Cuccinelli and take your neighbors with you.

Click the graphic to read more.

Click the graphic to read more.

According to Virginia election filings posted by the Virginia Public Access Project, Liemandt contributed $150,000 of the Texas-based Libertarian Booster PAC’s $229,000 revenue. The Libertarian Booster PAC reported providing $11,454 to pay for signature collection, yard signs and campaign materials for Sarvis and another $4,690 for four Libertarian candidates running for the Virginia state legislature.

In March 2012, ABC News reported Liemandt was among three dozen of the Obama campaign’s largest bundlers invited to a state dinner honoring British

Joe Liemandt

Joe Liemandt

Prime Minister David Cameron. ABC News reported the invited bundlers, who also included Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, were responsible for at least $10.7 million of the $250 million the campaign had collected to that point. Source: The Blaze

Joe Liemandt is the President and CEO of Trilogy, an Austin, Texas software company and for some reason, was invited to the White House for a state dinner for David Cameron.

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  • ruralcounsel

    Cuccinelli and the Republicans could have easily countered this by making a better outreach to libertarians. But he chose not to, and instead campaigned like a Moral Majority bible-belt social conservative.

    That was his choice. Guess it wasn’t a good one, if he wanted the libertarian vote.

    I don’t really care what his personal view is, so long as he realizes he has no right to impose it on everyone else. He should have made that very clear.

    As it was, neither McAuliffe nor Cuccinelli seemed like good choices to me. So I wasn’t going to vote for one to avoid the other.

  • ruralcounsel

    Cuccinelli could also have insisted that Sarvis be included in any of the televised debates. I’m sick of Dems/Repubs trying to exclude all other candidates from these things … and I no longer will watch these things if those are the only two parties represented. All we get is the same stale rhetoric, same stale ideas, pre-tested against trial audiences.

    These debates need to be less canned, less predictable.