Virginia AG Election: Democrat Herring Declares Victory, GOP Obenshain No Concession – Unfair in Virginia

The Virginia Attorney General race has, or is close to, ending the count of provisional ballots which will decide the winner. Democrat Herring has declared victory, Republican Obenshain has not, as of this moment. I want to point you a post by The Bull Elephant who says the count of provisionals has been “unfair.”

Mark Herring (D) - Mark Obenshain (R)

Mark Herring (D) – Mark Obenshain (R)

I’ll give you a short summary. No matter where you live, it’s important to know that these things can and do go on with our Election Boards, contrary to the rules.

In the case of Virginia, there are specific state-wide rules to follow. Fairfax County decided to ignore some of those rules.

Larry Sabato's Political Map of Virginia

Larry Sabato’s Political Map of Virginia (click the graphic to visit)

1. The Fairfax County Election Board (FCEB) extended the time given to provisional voters to claim their ballot and prove they were eligible to vote. Not exactly kosher.

First, provisional voters in Fairfax had more than twice the time as other Virginia voters to organize themselves and make their arguments that their ballots should be counted.

2. According to The Bull Elephant’s Steve Albertson, attorneys for both Democrats and Republicans in Fairfax County were coaching “their respective voters on how best to spin their facts” and the extended periods put the voters in the rest of the state at a disadvantage

3. The worst of it seems to be the way the confidential logs of provisionals were handled. These logs contain the names, addresses, social security numbers and phone numbers of the voters. A code is assigned to each ballot identifying why the ballot is “provisional.”

There are specific rules about when the information becomes available for certification, who has access to it and in what environment.

The questions as I understand it: if information from the logs is provided to the two parties in advance of the ‘rules’ but the information provided was not in “photocopy” form, were the logs handled incorrectly and are candidates at risk for unfair counts? The answers are the same as, if a tree falls in the forest, but no one is there to hear it, did the tree really fall?

Albertson says “what happened in Fairfax over the last week…”was a travesty.” Please read the thoroughly explained details here.

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