Vice Adm Ted Branch, Rear Adm Bruce Loveless Lose Classified Access: Leonard Francis a Government Plant?

Two U.S. Navy Admirals, both “senior military intelligence officers” have had their access to “classified materials” suspended and both men were put on “leave.” Vice Admiral Ted Branch is/was the director of Navy Intelligence and Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless is/was the director of Intelligence Operations. This appears to be connected to two other suspensions of Navy officers involved in providing classified information to a contractor. The men are embroiled in scandals swirling around Leonard Francis. Maybe Francis is a government plant? Just saying. As the numbers of our most-trusted high-ranking military rise, it’s more than difficult to believe so many are so incredibly corrupt.

U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, left, and Vice Adm. Ted Branch

U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, left, and Vice Adm. Ted Branch

The NCIS is investigating possible illegal and improper relations with Navy contractor Leonard Francis, a Malaysian citizen and CEO of Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd.

There is no indication, nor do the allegations suggest that there was any breach of classified information, Kirby said. Neither Branch nor Loveless has been charged with any crime or violation. Both retain their ranks and security clearances. They are on temporary leave.

Kirby said the suspension was deemed prudent given the sensitive nature of the admirals’ current duties and to protect the integrity of the investigative process,

The allegations against Branch and Loveless involve conduct prior to their current assignments and flag officer ranks, Kirby said. Source: CNN

Both men are suspected of “inappropriate conduct.” The LA Times reports that “both men retain their rank and security clearances” as the investigation moves forward, and neither men have been charged with a crime.

In October, there was a huge story of bribery, prostitution, overcharging at the ports where our ships docks – even accusations that tickets to a Lady GaGa event yielded perks for Leonard Francis’ Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd. (GDMA) and in return, perks for military leaders from Francis. The “classified access” loss for Branch and Loveless is part of the same ugly web. 

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