US Treasury Secretly Lifted Substantial Financial Sanctions on Iran 5 Months Ago

The U.S. Treasury, secretly, stopped the “blacklisting of entities and people” who help Iran get around all those so-called “crippling” sanctions that have been going on for years with no success. When Rouhani replaced Ahmadinejad, the changes began. The Treasury “blacklist” had more than 100 names and entities add to it in the six weeks leading up to the Iranian elections. Since the election, the Treasury has added “six people and four companies” to the list of violators.

Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani

When an entity is designated as a sanctions violator it can be catastrophic. Banks and other investors almost never take the risk of doing business with the people and companies on a Treasury blacklist because of the potential reputational harm and the prospect they could lose access to U.S. financial markets. Source: The Daily Beast (see the link directly below)

The Daily Beast quotes Mark Dubowitz, the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies:

“For five months, since Rouhani’s election, the United States has offered Iran two major forms of sanctions relief,” Dubowitz said. “First there’s been a significant slowdown in the pace of designations while the Iranians are proliferating the number of front companies and cutouts to bust sanctions.”

The second kind of relief Dubowitz said the White House had offered Iran was through its opposition to new Iran sanctions legislation supported by both parties in Congress.

By Dubowitz’s estimates, Iran is now selling between 150,000 and 200,000 barrels of oil per day on the black market, meaning that Iran has profited from the illicit sale of over 35 million barrels of oil since Rouhani took office, with little additional measures taken by the United States to counter it.

Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg points to the hard fact that “countries” and “companies” want sanctions lifted because it’s all about money, all about their bottom line. When it comes to money, principle wanes, including the principle of a safe and free world.

Israel’s reaction:

In a speech at the opening of the winter session of the Israeli Parliament on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it would be “a historic mistake” to relax the pressure on Iran now.

“I will tell you something that goes against the accepted view: Easing the pressure will not strengthen moderate trends in Iran,” he said. “On the contrary, it will strengthen the uncompromising views of the real ruler of Iran, the Ayatollah Khamenei, and will be seen as a significant victory by him.” … Source: New York Times

In the NYT article, Yuval Steinitz, Israeli minister of International Relations and Intelligence said sanctions are an economic weapon “as effective as a military threat,” and Iran must know that if they want to “save their economy” they need to give up their nuclear weaponry aspirations. Left unsaid is that Iran’s Islamic leaders do not feel the sanctions in their own wallets. It’s the people who suffer.

In America today, for many reasons, the U.S. Treasury is among our fiercest enemies and while Obama is doing what he’s “really” good at, “killing,” taking out al-Qaeda leaders who are quickly replaced, he is aiding the militant extremists at the top of the ruling hierarchy to grab more control of their people and the goal of a dominant Islam.

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