Unions Get ObamaCare Exemption Through Rule, Not Law: $600B to Keep Unions Quiet

It’s another “rule.” Republicans rejected a plan to include ObamaCare labor exemptions so the Department of Health and Human Services created a “rule.” You know, the House is not obligated to let a rule, that changes law, stand. Congress, including Democrats, can stop a rule-changing-law. Only Congress can write law. Where are our Defending Fathers?

Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration sneaked in a rule that would let some labor unions off the hook for an ObamaCare tax.

After publicly rejecting the unions’ request for an exemption, the Department of Health and Human Services last week quietly gave the unions a pass on what would have been a massive tax hit.

The tax, known as the reinsurance fee, requires self-insured organizations, such as unions and some large companies, to pay $63 for each covered member and an additional $63 for each additional family member on a health plan. Source: New York Post

The video below is a Megyn Kelly interview on the tax break for unions. If the vid disappears or does not play, view it here.

…on The Kelly File, J. Justin Wilson, from the Center for Union Facts, said a few days ago the administration decided it would exempt union plans from paying upwards of $600 million dollars into a fund that’s intended to prevent ObamaCare from going into a death spiral. Wilson speculated that now they’ll be looking to businesses to make up for that lost money.
“[Obama] is buying their silence with a $600 million dollar payback,” Wilson charged. Source: Fox News Insider

The rule isn’t final yet. There’s a commenting period. Bwwwhahahahahah!


Megyn Kelly on Silencing Unions (video)

Linked at Blogging Dawg Style in NBC’s Ann Curry Uses Hate – reader’s, you must see the photo accompanying this story. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

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