The Virginia Saga: Republicans Bill Bolling and Boyd Marcus – Snits Up The RearEnd – Payback At The Polls?

The Virginia Governor race is an ugly one. Republican Ken Cuccinelli, currently the Virginia Attorney General, upset the plans of the presumably pre-anointed next governor, current Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling. Bolling hit back and endorsed the Democrat candidate, Terry McAwful McAuliffe. Nothing short of awful. All-too-often, Republicans eat their own. Maybe the real story is what you will read below from The Bull Elephant.

 (L-R) Bill Bolling, Boyd Marcus, Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton

Cuccinelli is very conservative, and yes, maybe a tad too conservative for Virginia, but he is not corrupt. Terry McAuliffe is as far left and as corrupt as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and his political appointees.

Boyd Marcus, known as the ‘Karl Rove’ of Virginia, and a 30-year Republican “adviser and strategist,” endorsed McAuliffe in August. In his endorsement statement, Marcus said McAuliffe is an “experienced businessman” and would work with both parties to “advance economic growth.” If you don’t understand just how dishonest that statement is, McAuliffe’s GreenTech Auto venture, his association with Hillary’s brother Anthony Rodham and the company’s immigration fraud, “visas-for-sale,” “cash-for-visas” scheme involving Chinese nationals should be on your radar. Read it here.

In the 1970’s McAuliffe was sued by the Department of Labor and in October 2013 there is a question of profiting from the terminally-ill via an investment:

The report goes on to say that federal prosecutors “cast Caramadre as the mastermind” of an approach to steal identities of terminally ill people and use that information to purchase investments that Caramadre and his clients profited from when those people died…

The list of Caramadre’s clients that was released on October 9th indicates that the application date for a security purchased on Donald Duarte’s life and owned by Terry McAuliffe was December 20th, 2006. Source.

Cuccinelli does have experience in the private sector as a small business owner and partner in the law firm of Cuccinelli & Day:

He was a business law attorney with a particular focus on serving as an outsourced general counsel to small and mid-sized companies. His wide range of experience included litigation, licensing, financing, employment, advertising, branding, corporate formation, business transactions and contracts for both domestic and international clients. Ken also had experience in public interest, constitutional law and property rights cases.

Bolling is no supporter of the tea party which logically means he is not a supporter of tea party ideals – small government and fewer taxes. Bolling wants “mainstream” politics. Has he looked at the Democrat party today? Nothing “mainstream” there. Blue Dog Democrats went the way of the dinosaur. When fighting the far left, which is the only left today, where do you find the middle other than way left (if not far left) of center. It’s a fact in today’s political environment.

Poor Boyd Marcus. The out of work and destitute GOP consultant last seen scraping the bottom of Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling’s funding barrel has finally hit rock bottom and been forced to prostitute himself to Terry McAuliffe, the only john with enough cash to afford him.

If you don’t think this is just about the money, and that there is any conviction behind it, think again. As the WaPo reports, Marcus says that he thinks that “Terry is the clear choice for mainstream conservatives.” Right. McAuliffe–best friend of the Clintons, supporter of bigger government, abortion on demand, government monopolization of education, subsidies for wealthy crony capitalists like himself, and obeisance to the central government–is the best choice for “mainstream conservatives.”

What this is really about (and Shaun Kenney hits it on his first update) is coin. Marcus for the first time in memory couldn’t land a statewide Republican candidate to steer toward using his direct mail operation (Marcus with direct mail is like a carpenter with only a hammer, whose every problem looks like a nail). So, he went to the guy who could pay him big bucks and offered to love him long time.

In the end, Jim Riley’s wit nails it: “Boyd Marcus Endorses McAuliffe, Threatens To Advise Him.” Given his recent track record, the best thing Marcus can do for Cuccnelli now is to do to McAuliffe what he’s done for others: bleed him dry and give him bad advice. Source: The Bull Elephant

While the soon-to-be former high-ranking Virginia official Bill Bolling supports Terry McAuliffe, consider that McAuliffe likes Colorado gun laws, the same laws that caused such outrage in the state that the two State Senators behind the legislation were recalled:

McAuliffe “will support mainstream and majority supported gun control measures like universal background checks, limiting the size of magazines, and a return to the 1-gun-per-month rule.”

The limitation on magazine capacity is a Colorado-like gun control measure that will put law-abiding Virginians at a disadvantage the moment it is enacted. This is because criminals will not obey it but will keep their “high-capacity” magazines so they can outgun their victims.

Universal background checks will mean an end to private gun sales in the state of Virginia, as they did in Colorado. This happens because Virginians will have to get the government’s permission, via a background check, in order to sell or buy a firearm.

In addition, the universal background check mechanism will allow a McAuliffe governorship to control how many guns Virginians can or cannot buy each month—thus the pledge to “return to the 1-gun-per-month rule.” Source: Breitbart Big Government

The Libertarian candidate is pulling about 10 percent of the vote from Ken Cuccinelli in the last polling I’ve seen. While Americans are leaning more libertarian every day, the following is important to note, because Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis will not win:

Ken Cuccinelli is Virginia’s Libertarian choice too…

Political analyst Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner, who often espouses the libertarian viewpoint, wrote Friday that Cuccinelli “would arguably be the most libertarian governor in the United States if he wins on Nov. 7,” a point that contrasts sharply with the fact that libertarians are attacking him.

As Carney observes, Cuccinelli, as Virginia’s attorney general, was the first to challenge the constitutionality of ObamaCare’s mandates, taxes, subsidies, and infringements upon liberty.

As governor, Cuccinelli’s plan is to cut the state income tax rate by 15 percent for individuals and 33 percent for corporations, creating an environment that is ripe for the free market.

But libertarians should take note that Cuccinelli’s style is more “pro-economic growth” and less “pro-business,” as evidenced by the fact that his state’s business lobby has had its feathers ruffled by his stand against corporate welfare. Cuccinelli opposed the tax hikes that were sought by Northern Virginia developers to pay for roads and public services, and he pledged to cut the tax credits for special interest groups.

In addition, Cuccinelli fought, while a state senator, to protect second amendment rights and, consequently, has an “A” rating from the NRA. He also opposed smoking bans when serving as a state senator. Source: Breitbart Big Government – very interesting article. Read more

A Lt. Governor with a big snit up his rear-end is a dangerous thing when that snit causes him to disregard the good of his country. This isn’t just

Vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Governor, November 5, 2013

Vote for Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Governor, November 5, 2013

about Virginia. Today, every Democrat in high-office anywhere in the United States affects your family, where ever you live, from sea-to-shining sea. Let’s hope there is pay-back at the polls on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.


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  • GoneWithTheWind

    The problem with Boyd Marcus and Karl Rove is that they are politicians first, last and always. What we need is statesmen, elected officials who put the citizens and the Republic first not their special interest and the next election. So Boyd Marcus is 100% correct that when elected McAuliffe will work well with him giving him and other politicians a share of the spoils from higher taxes. It will be a frigging love fest of politicians from both sides with the only losers being the tax payers.

    • Gone With The Wind, I’m not all that familiar with Virginia politics but this election really stood out. I am sick and disgusted with Republicans, in these dangerous times, not sticking to the party I don’t particularly like the smell of these days, but the reek doesn’t come close to the pungency of Democrat tyranny.

      As you say, the taxpayer is the always the loser. We have no defending fathers.

  • Rick Michael

    Please consider a clarification/edit for a statement in your first paragraph. Bolling has not endorsed anyone in the gubernatorial race. Thank you.

    • Rick, I don’t think I’ll change anything considering:

      “On Friday, the Northern Virginia Technology Council, an association of leading businesses in the vote-rich area of the Commonwealth, was scheduled to endorse GOP candidate Ken Cuccinelli, through its PAC. The Washington Post reports, however, that the announcement was delayed after furious behind-the-scenes lobbying by the McAuliffe campaign to have the endorsement rescinded. Most surprising, however, is that GOP Lt. Gov Bill Bolling was among those lobbying the trade group on McAuliffe’s behalf, against his fellow Republican.” Source Breitbart

      So much of this kind of thing out there, numerous announcements that he would endorse, and really, the fact that he has not endorsed Cuccinelli is petty and disgraceful. Do you work for Bolling or McAuliffe?