Missouri Police Taser Ryan Miller Trying to Save Son in Burning House – Son Dies

It’s my right to die trying to save my child. Louisiana, Missouri police reportedly used a stun gun three times on Ryan Miller to keep him from entering his burning home to save his three year-old son Riley. Maybe family pleading with a parent, or trying to hold him back, is one thing, but police forcefully stopping you – it’s wrong. They handcuffed Mr. Miller and then tasered him two more times and took him to jail. When they carried little Riley Miller out of the house, still breathing, his dad was in a jail cell. Riley died.


The mom and dad attempted to rush into Riley’s room, but the heat and smoke blocked their path. The Millers scrambled out a back door.

Ryan kicked in the front door and was about to enter when he was tasered — twice, according to Louisiana officials, although the Millers claim the man was shocked three times.

But Ryan wouldn’t sit still.

“I was hysterical, yes, because I wanted to save my son,” Ryan told the Louisiana Press Journal. Source: NY Daily News

We are our children’s keepers. We have the right to try to rush to their aid when they need us most. No matter what. Mr. Miller was Ryan Miller’s step-dad according to this article at The Daily Mail. 

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  • Daryl

    Police in this case are guilty of murder out and out, misuse of positions and authority, arrest without cause and interfering with the rescue attempt that probably would have been successful. I have ideas about that tazer and certain police involved being targets for the use of it….on certain parts of the body that would be very painful and a great reminder of proper behavior and why did the officer not haul butt in there himself? unjustified and way wrong on his part….since he is a proven coward what good is he as an officer? time for him to go bye bye from his official duties.

    • Daryl, I read that the Fire Chief (I think) said it was a ‘judgement call.’ It’s doubtful that a person would run head-long into a raging fire. The mother and father couldn’t get in the boy’s room the first time they tried, so they exited the back and went back to go in through the front door. Whether Mr. Miller would have entered what is impossible to enter without sure death, I don’t know, but it was his child and he had the right to try.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    This was more then stupid it is criminal. Is it unlawful for him to try to save his son from a burning building? If not unlawful then what legal excuse do the police have to prevent a citizen from acting as they wish in a lawful manner? I would be happy to see the police involved in this go to jail. I am so tired of seeing police commit unlawful acts under the presumption that since they are the police they can do anything.

  • bobmontgomery

    Miriam Carey hit a barrier on Pennsylvania Avenue and she had five to ten guns trained on her. When you arrive at the point when you train a gun on someone, it means you are prepared to kill them. Miriam Carey had people preparing to kill her and she fled. So she had to die.
    If only she had been wearing a hoodie, someone might have cared.