Military Purges Another: US Army Col. Eric Tilley Relieved of Command – Camp Zama: Col. Joy Curriera Replaces Tilley

This latest purge of a top-ranking military officer relieved of duty reportedly happened on November 1, 2013 and comes from the “U.S. Army Japan.” U.S. Army Garrison Japan Commander Col. Eric D. Tilley has been relieved of duty for “lack of confidence.” How many times have we heard that lately? Far too many to make any sense. See the comments of Navy Capt. Joseph John (Ret.) below.

U.S. Army Col. Eric Tilley

U.S. Army Col. Eric Tilley

YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan — The Army has relieved the commander of its largest base in Japan after an investigation into alleged misconduct, according to a U.S. Army Japan press statement sent late Friday.

The investigation had been ongoing since June 7, when Col. Eric Tilley was suspended from his job as commander of U.S. Army Garrison Japan.

Maj. Gen. James C. Boozer, Sr., commander of U.S. Army Japan and I Corps (Forward), officially relieved Tilley on Friday for “lack of confidence” based on the results of the inquiry, according to the press statement. Read more at Stars and Stripes

WND has more from U.S. Navy Captain Joseph John (Ret.) (read more here):

Tilley’s dismissal is only the latest in what retired Navy Capt. Joseph John refers to as a “bigger picture” in which some “135 senior officers have been purged.”

“The ‘bigger picture,’” John told WND, “is that the U.S. Armed Forces have been under relentless attack by the occupant of the Oval Office for five years.”

A Naval Academy graduate, John had three tours of duty in Vietnam, served as an al-Qaida expert for the FBI, and was a commanding officer with SEALs embedded on special operations. He was awarded the Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal, five Meritorious Service Medals and 22 medals and unit citations for combat operations in Vietnam, Philippines, Desert Storm and on anti-terrorist operations.

Today, John is chairman of Combat Veterans For Congress PAC (Political Action Committee), which has helped elect 20 combat veterans to Congress.

“I believe there are more than 137 officers who have been forced out or given bad evaluation reports so they will never make Flag (officer), because of their failure to comply to certain views,” John told WND.

“The truly sad story is that many of the brightest graduates of the three major service academies witnessing what the social experiment on diversity … is doing to the U.S. military, are leaving the service after five years,” he said. “We are being left with an officer corps that can be made to be more compliant, that is, exactly what Obama needs to effect his long range goals for the U.S. military.”

In an email to WND, John outlined what he termed “a very few of the most egregious” aspects of Obama’s “attack” on the military over the past five years.

He referred specifically to the Rules of Engagement in combat that were put in place after Obama took office, asserting that the changes resulted in very high casualty rates in Afghanistan, including the loss of 17 members of SEAL Team 6 in one incident.

“The Rules of Engagement precluded the use of suppression fire at a landing zone,” John said.

Look at this:

Colonel Eric Tilley is from Kannapolis, North Carolina and is a graduate of West Point. He has two children and is the son of a retired Sergeant Major. He also has two masters degrees. Tilley has served overseas in Desert Storm, Bosnia, Germany, and Belgium (NATO). He was also the installation/post commander in the Netherlands (Holland). Stateside, he has been assigned to Fort Campbell, Ky., Fort Jackson, S.C., Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and Fort Bragg, and most recently worked for the Chief of Staff of the Army at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. During his years of service he has earned many awards, decorations and citations, to include the Bronze Star. This is not someone who has had a career of failing the people of the nation.

The changing picture

Japan had another high level relieving of command. The investigation of Colonel Eric Tilley is said to not be connected to the investigation of his previous Major General Michael Harrison. Harrison was said to have been suspended over his handling of a sexual assault claim. So, in a six month period, the upper command in Japan, which also is the front line if China was to move into Taiwan or any of several scenarios of instability in the region dominated by Islamic and Communist powers [has changed].

When I did a search for “U.S. Army Col. Eric Tilley Bio” the bio of Col. Joy L. Curriera popped up. Col. Curriera assumes Tilley’s position as Garrison Commander.

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