Losing Elections in Virginia – Another Anomaly: Arlington County Virginia

Yesterday I pointed readers to a story about the Virginia Attorney General race and the counting of provisional votes to decide the race. The Fairfax County Election Board allowed ‘procedures’ to be upended and one candidate has declared a victory, the other has not conceded. Today there is news that Arlington County, the county sitting inside the Washington, D.C. beltway, has “checked-off” 17 provisional ballots as having already voted. The error is blamed on a new bar-code system, and the ballots were not counted.

Click the graphic for voter fraud in Arkansas

Click the graphic for voter fraud in Arkansas

Democrat Mark Herring was leading the race by 164 votes last night.

Mr. Obenshain said during an afternoon news conference in Richmond that it would be foolhardy to claim a win at this stage of a historically tight race, noting that 123 votes shifted during canvassing by the state board in the course of a contest for attorney general in 2005 that ultimately was decided by 360 votes.

“That kind of swing could change the outcome of this race,” Mr. Obenshain said. “I don’t know who is going to move into the attorney general’s office in January, and despite what Mark Herring says, he doesn’t know either.”…

Only after the results are certified by the state can the losing candidate call for a recount. The margin must be less than 1 percent of the vote, and the candidate has 10 days to make the call. Mr. Obenshain said the difference in votes between himself and Mr. Herring amounted to 0.007 percent of the votes cast last week…

Mr. Obenshain’s hesitance on action might not be entirely without merit. Glitches or oversights — like the kind that might have occurred in Arlington — are the purpose of the review of every ballot cast last week, said Michael P. McDonald, associate professor at George Mason University’s Department of Public and International Affairs.

In the past, recounts have had a December 21 deadline. It’s not likely we will know how Virginia voted until past mid-December. Source: Washington Times

The comments on the article are interesting. Here’s one:

Wait…what? Heavily Democrat Northern VA has vote counting problems? Why is it that this type of “confusion” always seems to happen in Democrat districts all over the country? And always in tight races.

There is no coincidence. Only irony.

Another says that voter i.d. would stop these problems, another says even when voter fraud is caught, nothing significant is done about it, another – “close elections are ALWAYS stolen BY Democrats,” and another laments there is no real “threat of jail time” for corrupt poll works. Click the link at the end of the quote above to read them all.

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