Kshama Sawant Wants Boeing Machinists to Seize Boeing Plant: “Democratic Ownership”

Kshama Sawant is a City-Council-Member-elect in Seattle. Boeing in Seattle is in long-term and constant turmoil with union leaders and their demands. Sawant, while waiting to take her seat on the Seattle City Council, rallied the union by calling for seizure of the Boeing facility if the company decides to move out of the state. According to Sawant, “seizure” is “democratic ownership.”

Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant

Sawant is calling for machinists to literally take-possession of the Everett airplane-building factory, if Boeing moves out. She calls that “democratic ownership.”

“The only response we can have if Boeing executives do not agree to keep the plant here is for the machinists to say the machines are here, the workers are here, we will do the job, we don’t need the executives. The executives don’t do the work, the machinists do,” she said. Read the story at Flopping Aces.

Here’s a related story – Washington State putting residents on Medicaid without a way to opt-out or choose a plan you can afford.


  • She should be arrested and put on trial for calling for the violent seizure of private property and Boeing — helloooo — ought to pull out of the state as quickly as possible. Let’s see the state dig into the taxpayers’ pockets to pay all the expenses and find buyers and fight the court cases. Go on and do it.

  • Ken

    Isn’t it a requirement of government officials to operate within the law and they become outlaws when doing something like this. Maybe this is why we expect our federal leaders to have a little more citizenship and familiarity with the way this country operates. I say that, but I live in California right near Nancy Pelosi’s district. I guess that answers my own question…

  • Boeing should immediately shut down all of its plants in Blue (union) states and move to Red (Right to Work) states. Then this idiot can lead the charge to the empty plants and cry “Woes Me! I have no job!”

  • Power to the Worthless!

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