Ezekiel Emanuel Chris Wallace: Upping $5 Co-Pay Over Three Years Unacceptable – Unacceptable is John Roberts

A spastic Chicago thug can’t get past the truth. Notice that Ezekiel Emanuel, one of Rahm’s older brothers and the architect of ObamaCare along with former Senator Tom Daschle, believes that being bounced off of your insurance plan because it doesn’t meet ObamaCare standards is no different from being forced to buy a car with seat belts. Never

Ezekiel Emanuel

Ezekiel Emanuel

mind that you are not mandated by law to buy the car, if you don’t buy a car you will not be penalized by the IRS and if you buy the car, but don’t want to use the seat belts, chances are you won’t be caught and stopped by Nazi-ized government law enforcement (although you may be). Chris Wallace tells Emanuel that a raise in a grandfathered plan co-pay of $5 over three years is too narrow. Emanuel says it is a 25% change – large. Emanuel said the grandfathered plan is only in danger of losing status when “lots of changes are made.” The law language uses the word “significant” but “significant,” is not defined. It all depends on what the meaning of “is, is,” and hard-core fascist government tyrants are the “deciders” of how your health will be managed, or not managed. If you didn’t see this interview yesterday, you will want to watch it. This is a dedicated marxist arguing forcefully and rudely for Barack Obama.


Other than Wallace asking the ‘who are you to be the decider’ question, there is no discussion of constitutionality. We’ve given up on the Constitution for our Rule of Law, our base policy arguments. Yes, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the law is “constitutional,” but the decision was corrupt and that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. According to Chief Justice John Roberts, it is within the purview of Congress to tax the people and he decided ObamaCare is a tax. The law was not passed as a tax. Period. The Obama administration argued before SCOTUS that it is not a tax, yet Roberts ruled that it was. We the People cannot be taxed without Congress doing the taxing. The lesson: the House can impeach Roberts, but the current Democrat-controlled Senate will not convict. The House should have impeached, as Roberts clearly broke with constitutional law, and the Senate-be-damned.

Associate Justice Brandeis (yes, I know the Brandeis controversy but the quotation stands on it's merit)

Associate Justice Brandeis (yes, I know the Brandeis controversy but the quotation stands on it’s merit)

Chris Wallace and Ezekiel Emanuel: ObamaCare Decides Who Needs What (video)
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