Eric Cantor’s Condo Lobby Invaded by Illegal Alien Advocates Video

The video below shows illegal alien advocates (estimated to be about 60) flooding into the lobby

Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor

of Eric Cantor’s Virginia condo complex. Police reportedly show up and herd them outside where they are told they can protest but cannot use bullhorns. They use bullhorns. No arrests.

The group is identified as CASA In Action. The chant:

What do we want? Immigration Reform. When do we want it? Now! Source: Washington Examiner

Unheard on the video is the chant of “What do we want?” “Racial justice!,” according to a woman manning the lobby desk. It is unclear whether Cantor was home at the time.  The Blaze has more.

CASA In Action Floods Lobby of Rep. Eric Cantor’s Condo Complex (video)